Jack’s 2019 Presentations

  • "It’s In The Little Things" Groundschool, Handling and Your Horsemanship Journey -  In this video Jack explains how all of your little experiences with your horse add up to the big picture.  He gives you useful ideas you can apply today to build in quality, meaningful interactions "in the little things" and watch your relationship flourish. Picking up feet, turning out horse, haltering, grazing, and more!
  • Gaining Confidence and Understanding From The Ground To The Saddle With An Adopted Horse - What makes your horse tick, using experiential learning, vs "training" to create a desirable environment so both you and your horse can flourish.
  • It's In The Little Things - Most horse owners believe that the results of their training are based on how their horse responds to a "cue."  It’s not. It’s actually THIS… (If you don’t get this right it’s gonna be rough going!)

Jack Curtis combines the best of quality horsemanship, classical dressage, and centered riding principles, to advance horses and their partners to new heights. 

Growing up in southeast WI, he was starting horses under saddle for local breeders by the age of 14. He was known as the local horse whisperer, and had articles in the newspaper about him as the “Horse Listener” at a very young age. He has worked with a variety of breeds, hot bloods, cold bloods and everything in between. He has shown Jumpers, Dressage, and worked on a cattle ranch.  Through this work, he gained an appreciation for the different disciplines, and each horses individuality and uniqueness.

For the last 23 years Jack has given lessons, clinics and demonstrations throughout the US. His ability to articulate his thoughts and ideas has an enormous impact on both his students and their horses. Jack will help you expand your horsemanship in a more meaningful way for both horse and human.

Jack Curtis

Because of the horse… I met my wife who amazes me every day. Because of the horse, we have a family and together we ride. Because of the horse, I will always look for a better way.

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