Ivy’s 2019 Presentations

  • Training Head Down and Why is it important to the Gaited Horses? - All to often horses are expected to gait with their head up, in this video Ivy turns this thinking on its head and shares why the head down may actually be the answer.
  • Training the Pacey Horse to Start Gaiting - Ivy's kind and thoughtful approach goes against the "crank their head up high, and fire them up to start gaiting.  Instead she lets the horse find their natural balance, relax, and gait in a way that is bio-mechanically sound.

I am here to help gaited horses and gaited horse owners have a smooth

ride, calm horse, and a great relationship.  I have been training

gaited horses for over 15 years.  I focus on helping the horse stay

relaxed and balanced and then rewarding them for finding the smooth

gait, no matter the breed. I want the owners to have simple exercises

they can do at home with any horse.  My name is Ivy Schexnayder and I

would like to help you find the Glide Gait on your horse.

Ivy Schexnayder

Because of the horse I have learned to be soft... I have learned to wait... and I have learned to be gentle.

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