Christian’s 2019 presentation

Muscular Dysfunction - An insight into reaction points of the back -  In this fascinating presentation, you will learn about reaction points on a live horse.

Christian Langeder is an Equine Soft Tissue Therapist based on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne Australia.


Christian began working with animals in 1999, where he started treating Dogs and native Australian rescue animals. Where he treated animals including Snakes, Koalas, Swans and possums to name a few. In 2005 his focus changed to Performance Horses concentrating on Racing, Polo and Dressage. He has treated Horses owned by the Queen of England, Ellerston Australia, Godolphin and Olympians.


 With 20 Years experience treating animals, Christian always tries to improve the understanding of muscular dysfunction in horses for normal people. He has appeared on Television, Newspapers and has written many editorials for Magazines in Australia. His YouTube Chanel has almost 400,000 views and he most recently appeared in the Award Winning Documentary  “Listening To The Horse”. 

Christian Langeder

With a book in the works, his intention is to help horse owners in any capacity easily understand how to know if their horse has a dysfunction, and what is your most logical next step. He does all this “Because of the Horse”.

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