Carolyn’s 2019 Presentation

Watch... Observe... Transform... Connect... Two-way Communication That You Can Achieve - How to through observation of your own horses unique personality traits, you can change how you interact with him to create a "learning environment" that makes him more comfortable.


Carolyn P Fitzpatrick lives in Amherst, VA. with her husband, horses and dogs. For more than 40 years, she has accumulated first-hand working experience with horses on a daily basis. She also has provided mediation services for more than 20 years for disputing parties on a weekly basis. Carolyn is a dynamic facilitator and a published author. She became an Equine Gestalt Coach in 2012 and began offering coaching on a one-on-one basis, couple coaching and group workshops. She is the co-author of Equusology, a book on deciphering human and horse personalities and a contributor in many equine books and publications.

Carolyn  Fitzpatrick

"Because of the horse, I am more in tune with my beliefs, core values and spirituality. The horse is the gateway to my soul."

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