Caroline’s 2020 Presentations

  • How to Develop the Best Liberty with Your Horse -
    In this video I demonstrate how to achieve the best connection at liberty with your horse. I recommend beginning with the first area, relationship, so that it becomes the strongest foundation for the following two areas to build upon. I also recommend developing each area one at-a-time and in the order presented.

  • How Liberty Training Develops Your Riding as One: How to Ride as One -  The following video is a sequel to How to Develop the Best Liberty with Your Horse video. My liberty, and lunging for self-carriage, training is my foundation to riding as one and in mind, body and heart.  This method not only develops young, green horses, it is equally successful in re-starting and rehabilitating riding horses.

  • How to Develop the Deepest Connection and Ability to Communicate with Horses - There are four specific areas I focus on when I am developing a deep connection with my horse, a connection that allows me to communicate with subtle aids and in the mind and heart connection.

  • Secrets to Being Successful with Horses -  Being successful with horses isn’t just about technique, skill and experience. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 and if you follow this guide you can take any exercise, break down the steps and achieve success in 15 minutes or less.

Caroline Beste, of Tao of Horsemanship, is an internationally recognized rehabilitation specialist and holistic horse trainer. She is best known for her revolutionary style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.  

Caroline’s method combines the Art of Horsemanship and Classical Dressage with a Taoist way of Being and interacting, synchronizing both horse and rider so they can Ride as One™ in mind, body and heart.

Caroline publishes a weekly blog and podcast and teaches online courses in holistic horse care, handling, training and riding.

Caroline Beste

"Because of the horse.."

I can give more. I have a better understanding of how all beings are connected, a deeper sensitivity and a clearer path and purpose to helping others.

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