Carlos’ 2019 presentations

Softness, Lightness and Response While Riding the Circle - In this very informative video, Carlos discusses the benefits of riding the circle, including relaxing the horse, and establishing a rhythm. He breaks things dow so you get a clear picture of how you can help your horse become straight on the circle. Learn to help your horse overcome difficulties that may come up when riding a circle.


Carlos Tabernaberri is one of Australia's most highly regarded horse trainers and known internationally for the results he achieves in handling foals, starting young horses, improving the performances of competition horses, and rehabilitating horses who have been abused. 

He has presented at many horse shows including Equitana numerous times, the prestigious Balmoral show in the UK, as the only  horseman invited to present horsemanship. 

Amongst the many spectators that watched his demonstrations, it has included members of the royal family.  

His pedigree may have been developed over decades of performing his craft in Australia, but it was his experiences as a youngster in Argentina which led him on his path.

As he says, “ traditions don’t make things right just because they are tradition. Follow the horse first, then the tradition if it puts the horse’s best interest and welfare first”.

Carlos Tabernaberri

Because of the horse, I feel blessed and inspired to be a better horseman each day than the day before, and a better man to share my work and inspire others so they can feel and achieve the same.  Knowledge is for sharing not for keeping.

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