Callie Rae’s 2019 Presentation

How Horses Learn: Recognizing the Smallest Changes - Dive into understanding how horses learn.  Callie explains the science behind the main types of learning, to give you clues to teaching your horse in ways that will shape their behavior. A fascinating presentation to keep in mind whether you are just grooming your horse or riding upper level moves.

Callie King operates a boarding and training facility in Chester County, Pa where she works with horses and riders of all levels. She specializes in taking a science-based approach to both teaching and training.

This includes a holistic approach to riding, considering the health and soundness of the horse, the suitability of saddle and tack, and the individuality of each horse and rider.

Callie strives to create a positive learning environment for students and horses, always looking for ways to make learning fun, and incorporate the newest information and research on psychology, behavior, and learning into her teaching and training.

Callie also publishes a weekly video blog and creates online courses on riding, training, and horse care.

Callie Rae King

Because of the horse I am aware. Aware of myself and of others. Because of the horse I have more patience, empathy, and forgiveness. Time spent with horses makes me a better person, one day at a time.

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