Anna’s 2019 Presentation

The 5 Secrets to Reversing Rider Stiffness, Aches and Pains and Gain a more Supple, Balanced and Confident Seat -  In this  well illustrated presentation Anna goes into the very core of where and why pain can occur. Discover a unique approach to eliminate pain and stiffness to improve your riding and horses movement.


Anna Bergenstrahle, MSc Exercise Science, MSc Equine Science

I help riders with stiffness, aches and pains go from “OW” to “WOW”

Everybody knows the quote: “Show me your horse and I show you who you are.” We also often say that horses are like a mirror. While most of us refer to our inner being when it comes to these statements, of course the same is true for our bodies. In riding horses we take on an immense responsibility to make sure that when we communicate with them, we are as clear and precise as possible, and when we are stiff, have movement restrictions, when we are guarding our back, when we are crooked, when we are asymmetrical…we are asking our horses to compensate for us, we are asking them to “put up with” our bodies being less than comfortable to carry.

Why do so many riders get stuck (literally) riding with stiffness, aches and pains? Because we seem to have forgotten that we have the power and ability to change…along with the responsibility to step up to that knowledge and act on it! 

My goal is to empower as many riders as possible to know that they CAN (in fact) change and improve their stiff, crooked, asymmetrical bodies and that doing that is one of the best gifts they can give their horses!

 Anna Bergenstrahle

Because of the horse I have the courage to point out to riders (in the most kind and
loving way) that their asymmetries and crookedness are hurtful to their horse (not
always fun to do).

FB: Riding Without Back Pain

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