Alice’s 2019 Presentations

  • Introduction To The Garrocha - How anybody can get use to the feel and balance of using a garrocha, and use it to improve their horsemanship. Learn first with it on the ground, so it is easy in the saddle. Improve your horses responsiveness and maneuvers with the use of this fun tool.  
  • Riding with the Garrocha - fun new way to create meaningful and interesting experiences with your horse that will have him waiting at the gait for more.  Alice does a tremendous job of giving you a step by step plan of starting your horse with the use of the garrocha.

Alice Trindle pursues horsemanship that is a bit on the eclectic side. Born into an Eastern Oregon ranching family, her roots are in the traditions of developing a good working ranch horse. However, as the desire to study horsemanship became a passion, she has recognized the necessity of building a relationship with the horse through feel, timing, and balance that comes from an understanding of bio-mechanics. These principles are those of our Oregon horsemen such Tom and Bill Dorrance, and Dan Warnock, Sr. As Alice has discovered, they are also the principles of Classical Dressage masters such as Nuno Olivera and Bettina Drummond. 

Trindle’s approach, combines her understandings of “work-in-hand” principles of self-carriage and self-confidence, and asks students to transfer that feel up into the saddle. Alice also combines her pursuit of Doma Vaquera traditions, such as use of the garrocha – a 13 ft. long pole, to keep riding very interesting! Her students relay that Alice presents a clear, progressive, and challenging approach to working with the horse that is based on developing positive attitudes and willing movements. Her clinics focus on developing an ever deepening understanding of the partnership between horse and rider, while the retreats at her ranch offer more specific pursuits such as Doma Vaquera work and mountain riding. 

Alice Trindle


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Contact number:  541.519.7234 

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