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Are you ready to have more enjoyment, less stress, and a better relationship... All while seeing just how brilliant you and your horse can be?

You go to the barn, only to find that you have no plan for what you want to do with your horse today...  You know what your goals are, but at times find your progress to be slow at best.

With the training exercises, mini-courses, and personal coaching that you will find in the membership, you will feel newfound exhilaration in your riding and training as you...

✔️ Achieve your goals with harmonious teamwork.

✔️ Grow your relationship, improve your connection, have more fun!

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Group Coaching

With live monthly group coaching sessions, you troubleshoot any pressing problems or issues you may be having, allowing you to breakthrough your performance goals.

Monthly Focus Lessons & Challenges

Will inspire you to take your riding and training to the next level. Videos, PDF's and Audio lessons included.

Vibrant Community

Join our international community of caring equestrians, In A Safe Space, OFF Of Social Media.

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Have the vital tools and unshakable confidence to take control of your success.  With a comprehensive library to create connection, find unity, and cultivate understanding. In a wonderful environment...

Where You're Encouraged To Be A Student Of The Horse AND Learn From Some Of The Most AMAZING Horseman The World Has To Offer

Let's Take A Quick Look At What's Included... 

✔️   Exclusive 24/7 Access To All Of Our Previous Online Fairs. That's 100's of videos from leading experts, videos you will only find in their paid programs. It's like having a clinic with the best minds in the industry, allowing you to make the progress that only comes from learning from the best!

✔️  Mini-Courses on a vast array of subjects, giving you a chance to dive deep into the topics that you are currently working on.

✔️  Monthly Focus Lesson and Challenge with fresh ideas, to increase your skills and give you purpose, so sessions are fun and meaningful.

✔️  Monthly Group Coaching Zoom Calls give you live, personal, help so you can troubleshoot any problems you may be having. Can't make it??  Just email the question, and watch the replay. 

✔️  Each Month You Get A Chance To Win A Video Lesson With You And Your Horse.

✔️  "Off Social" Private "Safe Space" Community, Post Pictures, Videos, and Connect With Other Like-Minded Equestrians.

✔️  Exclusive App - So You Can Easily Access Everything At The Barn Or On The Go. i.e. Video Library, Lessons, Coaching, The Community, Audio Lessons, etc... 

✔️  New Videos Added Weekly Topics Ranging From; Groundwork, Riding, Health and Wellness, Mindset, and More...

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In Your Membership:

Videos, Mini-Courses, PDF'S, and Audio Lessons.

For The Horse

Partnership, biomechanics, equine learning, equipment selection (bit, bitless, and saddle) groundwork, behavior, bodywork, trail riding, trailer loading, working with rescue horses, positive reinforcement, equine fitness and conditioning, energy work, body language and communication, hoof care, anatomy, training techniques, and so much more!

For You!

Develop the confidence and winning mindset, to achieve your goals and vision.

With topics ranging from psychology, fitness/wellness, communication, biomechanics, training exercises, patterns, position, ridden stretches, equestrian yoga, and much more.  You will go to the barn motivated and inspired.

With monthly group coaching sessions, we dive deep to solve any riding or training problems you may have.

PLUS a chance to win a video lesson each month! 

Positive Community and Ongoing Support

Horsemanship is an art form, and just like any art, it can get messy, things don't always go perfectly. 

In our "off of social" private community, you can interact and hone your skills, without the negativity sometimes found on "social media" platforms.

The community is a great place to engage, support, and motivate one another. With group coaching calls to catch up, troubleshoot, and discuss the finer points.

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Only 19.95/month After The Trial

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A Letter From Jack and Paula Curtis, Founders Of Both -- Audio Lessons For Equestrians & The Art Of The Horseman (world's first online horse fair)  

Leading Online Training Coaches, Clinicians, #1 Best Selling Author 

Jack and Paula Are Here To:

Make Your Journey as Exciting and Rewarding as the Destination!

Subject: We Are On a Mission

From: Jack and Paula Curtis

We believe that quality horsemanship has a profound impact on the lives of those that practice it.  

Changing not only how people interact with their horses, but in how they show up each and every day.

Our mission is to make the world a better place for horses everywhere...

And we know from experience when you learn from the right people; better relationships, care, and respect for these amazing animals is the by-product.

Finally, a one-stop resource with leading experts coming together to make a change for the better, in how we interact, handle, and keep our horses today.

Creating a better future for both us and our horses.

So... Buckle your seatbelts, and get ready to be; inspired, motivated, and educated, by leading experts you can trust.

Welcome to the Movement!!

Better People…Better Horses…Better World!

With the uncertainty, fear, and turmoil that the current worldwide crisis has brought, we know that horses and the lessons they teach us are more important now than ever.

Unfortunately, many of the clinics, events, and learning opportunities have been canceled and postponed…

And you might be left feeling stuck, frustrated, or that your momentum is lost.

Do you treasure the time with your horse, and feel as though those moments are like a sanctuary, amidst the crazy times we are living in.

…But sometimes feel as though your sessions lack inspiration, or that you’re just spinning your tires, or not making the progress you want.

...OR maybe you just know there's something more and you can't quite put your finger on it.

It's O.K.!!!  You're not the only one! AND You're in the right place! :)

We all are on our own path, and your NEW story begins today!

Inside the study group, you will find top-notch; trainers from all disciplines, coaches, vets, bodyworkers, all believing in kind and fair methods, and a community of equestrians just like you that want to do the same.

You will be inspired to try new things, use new tools, and celebrate your achievements in the vibrant online community.

Your soul will be filled with the goodness of horses and people that care!

When the world feels a bit upside down, your horsemanship does not have to be.

Jack and I would love to have you as a part of our study group if it is a good fit for you.

With personal support, guidance, and accountability, we will get you from here to where you want to go.

If you enroll today, you get the lowest price we will ever offer AND you will keep that pricing for as long as you remain a member.

When you're part of a group of excited, positive, creative, motivated equestrians… You step up your game.

AND... The results will speak for themselves.

We are committed to helping you discover your true potential with your horse, we hope to see you on the inside!


Jack and Paula Curtis

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✓ I am new to horse ownership, OR I ride school horses at my local stable.  Is this suitable for me?  YES! Talk to any long time horse person, and they will tell you the importance of a well-rounded education. Many of us spent thousands of dollars driving to clinics to learn from just one of these greats. Now you have access right at your fingertips. What a great way to start your journey off right!

I am a riding instructor, is this advanced enough for me? Yes!  With techniques from top instructors in; dressage, western, jumping, horsemanship, etc... You will find new inspiration for both your own riding as well as your students. Your students will love all of the new techniques you bring to the table, allowing them to progress in ways they had not imagined. (you too!)

I am not currently riding, is this suitable for non-riders? Of Course!  We value groundwork as much as riding! Plus, there are massages, bodywork, and in hand work to keep your horse waiting at the gate for more. With many theory lessons that you are sure to love!

When will I have access? You will begin UNLIMITED access the instant you begin your free trial.  Your founding member access will continue as long and you pay for the monthly membership.

You will receive an email with login details after you register.

How long do I have access? Your free access begins the moment you register, after 7 days you are billed monthly for continued access.  Cancel at any time.

Do you have an app? YES!  We have a super easy to use app so you can access all of your products on your phone! :)

It is winter where I live, and I can't do much with my horse right now. OH MY! This is a perfect time to give one of the mat classes, yoga classes, or theory lessons a try.  Then come spring you can show up as the best you, for your horse. Your horse deserves it! PLUS...This is the lowest price we will ever offer our study group, you don't want to miss out on this introductory offer! 

What if I cant make coaching calls?  No worries!  Submit your question beforehand, and then watch the replay!

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Only 19.95/month After The Trial

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