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Horsemanship Arena

Amy Skinner 

Leading and How it Applies to Trailer Loading

 Here we have a remedial leading lesson and work through some issues there. Then you can see how leading applies directly to how a horse loads in the trailer. If they lead well, they can load with confidence.

Anna Twinney

Overcoming Obstacles at Liberty through Language and Life Lessons

At Reach Out to Horses, world-renowned Horse Whisperer, Anna Twinney, knows that the horse is only half of the equation. So, when it comes time to evaluate a partnership, she is always looking at both the horse and the human.

Ben Longwell 

Obstacles or Opportunity?

No matter what obstacle you are working on or may face, this video addresses the principles that must be understood to set your horse up for success.

Cat Zimmerman

Working with a Young Mustang: First Steps of Groundwork

See some of the first steps that I take with a new horse in for training, and follow along to see this newly gentled wild mustang's first groundwork session with me.

David Stuart

Developing The Young Horse From The Saddle

This video highlights the importance of using transitions on a circle and creating a sweet spot for your horse.

Jason Irwin 

Horses That Won't Stand To Mount

Jason Irwin

Pole Bending Training

Liesbeth Jorna

Groundwork Exercises for Riding with Lightness

Are you curious to find out how small skills on the ground can lead to large benefits in riding? As an instructor, one of my specialties is to really see what foundational pieces are holding you and your horse back from making progress.

Lyla Cansfield

Establishing Contact as a Support for Your Horse from the Ground

In this video, Lyla will show you the first exercise she teaches to help the horse understand the contact as a support and gain confidence in how to move comfortably within that contact.

Michael Gascon

Clinic in Goodells, Michigan

Pam and Lee Anshutz attend the clinic with Dinero, their half walker half paso gelding. Dinero is flighty, dumped his owner, is spooky/disrespectful, and has difficulty giving into pressure.

Michael Gascon

Clinic in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Java is a beautiful Tennessee Walker gelding who is spooky, reactive, and takes control whenever he is scared. Michael works with him and his owner Alissa to build his confidence and make him more respectful.

Michelle Young

Spiraling In and Out to a Hindquarter Yield

In this session, Michelle teaches an exercise to help you find more mental and physical engagement on the ground with your horse. Michelle gives an overview on how to do a hindquarter yield in motion, and will demonstrate how to combine this yield with a regular circle by teaching your horse to spiral in and out.

Missy Wryn

Training the WHOLE Horse part 3

Now that you’ve taught your horse the 5 Fundamentals on the ground, it is time to translate those techniques under saddle for a SAFER Ride!  The 5 Fundamentals can be applied to all disciplines of riding, but if you are interested in Bitless, the 5 Fundamentals are a MUST for SAFER Bitless Riding!

Pat Puckett

The Art of The Bridle Horse 

The second one gives you a glimpse into what a Bridle Horse is and what has gone into its training. We also try to give you a look at what Bridle Horses do in their every day work on a ranch.

Rebecca Dahlgren

Sheridan Liberty Rider


Russell Higgins

Liberty Training Concepts

He goes through four important concepts for liberty - how to apply pressure in stages, correction -v- prevention, ending a drive with a draw and destination training

Russell Higgins

Making You the Sweet Spot

How to teach a horse the position to be in for sticking with the human at liberty and how to increase your draw

Saskia Gerritsen

Training Plans Your Horse Will Love

Scott Phillips

First Saddling and Saddle Issues

There are many required steps that we must perform prior to putting a saddle on a horse.

Every horse is unique and responds differently to pressures.  The saddle presents a combination of many different pressures.

Steve Rother

Herd Bound / Buddy Sour

This is common in horses because horses are herd animals and by instinct want to remain with their buddies (safety in numbers); however, your horse needs to be your partner when you ask them to be. 

Dennis Capel

Canter Departure

Dennis Cappel is an accomplished Trainer, Farrier, and Author with extensive experience in Extreme Mustang Makeovers. His methods are effective in training horses for all disciplines.

Dennis Capel

How To Soften Your Horse

Dennis Cappel is an accomplished Trainer, Farrier, and Author with extensive experience in Extreme Mustang Makeovers. His methods are effective in training horses for all disciplines.

Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen

Connection And Safety – THE best exercise

The two  most important assets for a fulfilling horse-human relationship combined in one exercise? Yes it is possible. In this video-lesson Jenny and Peer will give you an overview over the main pillars of what they call the Jean-Francois-exercise. Find out what they are and what is up with that unconventional name.

Russ Krachun


Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship shares the video lesson from the “Evolution” Level one program. 

Goals within the “Evolution” program are to advance the abilities of the horse by improving the horse's mental and physical abilities. 

Step by step methods using timing, repetition and relaxation are followed to develop muscle memory within the horse in order to perform soft, supple, willing and complex riding performance manoeuvers. 

Russ Krachun

“Road to the Show”- Lesson # 6

Russ educates his 3-year-old quarter horse stallion, "Slash”; in this reality video.  Russ shares his training philosophy, goals of education, and the progress of his horse "Slash" under saddle as he prepares and educates him to become a reigning performance show horse.

Steve Edwards

Working On Your Timing for Communication

Best news you'll ever get as a mule or donkey owner — everyone makes mistakes... second best news... every mule, every donkey makes mistakes. It's how you respond to your own mistakes and your mule's mistakes that determines what kind of a relationship you're going to have. When you are working on correcting your mistake, you can connect the dots between the moment the mistake happened, the time it took for you to process the mistake, and applying a fix. Mr Mule is quite the opposite. If you don't correct the behavior the second it happens, that donkey (that mule) has no idea what you're asking. When you're told to 'work on your timing' what you're really being told to do is react and communicate the moment something happens... good or bad. In this session you will see how to develop your timing, why it matters for the animal, and how to recognize the difference it makes.

Tanja Kraus

Part 2 - Laterals - Shoulder in and Quarters In

Radek Libal

Curing a buddy sour horse

 Everybody likes to show up in the pasture and immediately see their horse trotting over to meet them. If that is not your horse's case and you are having issues separating your horse from his buddies, this video will give you all the steps you need. My process will get your horse to follow you as a natural leader and feel safe next to you.

Radek Libal

Going anywhere without fear on the trail 

Riding on the trail is amazing until your horse refuses to go somewhere and gets scared. We have all been there, however, most of us do things that actually encourage their horses to continue getting scared. In this video, I will be showing you how to get your horse to go anywhere, no matter how reluctant he seems in the beginning. You are going to see me working with a horse that has been refusing to walk on a wooden pathway for years after he fell from it in the past.

Bruce Anderson

Why I DON’T Want My Horse to Load Into the Trailer 

 In Part 1 of this focus on Trailer Loading, Bruce breaks down the steps to experiencing less 

stress for a horse with an aversion to the trailer. At the same time, he actually uses loading to 

work on the horse’s mindset and build his pressure threshold, so he actually uses the situation 

as a training tool and DOESN’T want the horse to load too soon, or he may miss out on the 

opportunity to teach him about dealing with pressure. Of course, there is always the 

understanding that you have to load in order to get to the horse show or event, but with a 

consistent training method that works on mental tools and mindset, the loading part of your 

day can become a positive experience for you and your horse, and that positive mindset will 

carry into other aspects of your training routine.

Bruce Anderson

To Load or Not to Load 

 In Part 2 of this focus on Trailer Loading, Bruce is assessing a sale horse on behalf of one of 

his clients. He uses a variety of situations to see how the horse will handle pressure, including 

putting on the halter, experiencing a new setting and loading on and off the trailer. With the 

focus on movement, both forward and backward, the trailer is simply seen as an obstacle in 

the way of the movement exercises, taking the pressure away from the person and the horse. 

This tool allows Bruce to decide whether this particular horse will be suitable for his client.

David Lichman

How I Combine Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) with Natural Horsemanship to Create Fast Learners Filled with Exuberance

The principles of Behavioral Psychology applied to horses - identifying the 6 Operant Techniques used to train any animal, and how to make good choices about which to use with your horse, and when

Lindsey Partridge

Bridleless Riding:

Lindsey Partridge demonstrates an initial bridleless ride on her 4yr old mustang Elon. This episode is taken from the Harmony Horsemanship Bridleless Riding Made Simple Course. Watch as she trains from ground cues to riding bridleless in one session.


Releasing Tension in the Neck with Rescue Horses & a Dutch Warmblood

Ariana works with 2  Recently Rescued Horses from "Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization" and a Dutch Warmblood, teaching them how to release tension by lowering their head and neck. She also discusses how to effectively use treats in this process!


Catching a Hard to Catch Horse

Ariana works with 2 rescue horses recently surrendered to "Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization," and another horse that had issues around being caught in the pasture. She shares her insight into how to use your energy, focus, and intention to best help these horses. 

Wade Black

TQA Phase 1 Team Roping (Part 1)

Wade Black a college professor, shares what he teaches his students about Training Quality Assurance (TQA): The study and research on the science, the art and the business of training and selling horses to the public.

Wade Black

TQA Phase 1 Team Roping (Part 2)

Wade Black a college professor, shares what he teaches his students about Training Quality Assurance (TQA): The study and research on the science, the art and the business of training and selling horses to the public.

Wade Black

TQA Youth Development: Ranch Roping

Wade Black a college professor, shares what he teaches his students about Training Quality Assurance (TQA): The study and research on the science, the art and the business of training and selling horses to the public.

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Focus on Ourself ~
Mindset, Riding, Health Arena

Beth Lauren Parrish

Highlights of the Inspired Riding Virtual Clinic

Learn how remote lessons can truly help your riding!


Carla Bauchmueller

Find Joy And Confidence In Riding

Find confidence through a more balanced, safer seat, and learn about ways to bring more joy into your riding (and your life).

Carla Bauchmueller

Overcome Fear Through Breathing

Learn a breathing technique that helps you stay calm and confident in the saddle.

Jill Hendershot Roth

Segment 2: Preparing The Rider

“What is your ‘WE’?”  “WE” is the word I use to express the unique connection between you and your horse.  We all want to have an amazing “WE”, but horses can trigger every possible emotion in the spectrum.

Kerri Lake

Awareness, Communication, Presence

Kerri Lake

Mind, Watch The Body tool

Liz Horner

Confidence More Than Thinking

Traditionally within the riding world, there has been an attitude of “Don’t show you’re frightened, just kick on!”. While for a few riders, this may work, for the vast majority they often find themselves feeling alone, useless & giving up.

Lorie Duff

Understanding Your Horse's Body Language

Piper Klemm

Sustain Excellence and Dedication

Success does not come from one big win. Instead, true success is sustained, consistent excellence - not just working towards an outcome.

Scott Phillips

Let's Get Rid of Frustration 

Have you had a frustrating experience with a horse?  Be honest, now! Frustration is a common response that sentient beings – like humans and horses – have when what we're attempting, desire or expect is prevented or delayed. In this show, we'll look at causes of frustration, how frustration actually works in our brains, and most importantly, how to navigate through it or eliminate it all together.

Stormy May

Secrets Horses Keep: Episode 3

Secrets Horses Keep, is at heart, a guide to how any person can know themselves and enjoy their moments. The stories are relevant whether or not someone has any interest in horses. Our cultural conditioning and current relationships with horses are used as examples of how we can re-examine our beliefs to unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and our motivations in order to find true freedom and peace.


Stormy May

Secrets Horses Keep: Episode 4

Secrets Horses Keep, is at heart, a guide to how any person can know themselves and enjoy their moments. The stories are relevant whether or not someone has any interest in horses. Our cultural conditioning and current relationships with horses are used as examples of how we can re-examine our beliefs to unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and our motivations in order to find true freedom and peace.

Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen

Don´t Be Afraid to Make  Wrong Choices!

One of the most common questions a horse trainer gets asked is: „What should I do?“ People know, they have many options and they heard a lot of advice. But they don't know what to do, because they're afraid to make a wrong decision. Peer will show you in this video, that it is unavoidable to make so called wrong decisions – and that it is not the end of the world, because you can learn from it and it is actually the very essence of communication!

Noah Tillman-Young

Fearless Rider Formula-How to approach obstacles in a safe and effective way

 Obstacles can be scary. That’s why, in this video, I’ll be teaching you how to safely approach and train with obstacles. Obstacles are such a great way to identify any issues in your communication with your horse. And once you master them, it builds so much confidence for both you and your horse.

Fotini Chandrika

Horse to Heart: The Science and Spirituality of the Horse-Human Connection

Horses have played a larger role in human civilization than any other animal. Evidence shows that Horses have impacted our lives since as far back as history is documented. Join Fotini Chandrika as she explores the ancient Horse-Human Connection and its evolution. Dive into the science behind why we “feel better” when we go to the Barn and spend time with Horses. Learn the many ways that these incredible creatures help their Humans get straight to the heart of the matter.

Jenny Pim

How the Benefits of Equestrian Tai Chi practice transfer to our riding experience and develop our energy.

In this video:-
We’ll learn the second movement of the Equestrian Tai Chi Form on the right and the left.
We’ll learn about some of the benefits of Equestrian Tai Chi practice and how they transfer to our riding experience.
We’ll learn about Equestrian Tai Chi Connected Riding and Heaven and Earth Energy Riding.

Callie King

Find Your Most Balanced Riding Position

Follow along as Callie works with a rider to find the small changes in posture that will improve balance stability and feeling of security in the saddle in just a few minutes.

Alissa Mayer

The Secret to Effortless Riding Posture

Learn what causes most riders to slouch or tip forward when they ride, why being told to 'open your chest' or to 'pull your shoulders back' doesn't really work, and how to use Hanna Somatics to finally ditch your 'bad riding habits' and take your riding position to a whole new level, fast!

Alissa Mayer

The Secret to Pain-Free Riding

Riding doesn't hurt - tight muscles do! Learn how to unlock your stiff shoulders, free up your neck muscles and to finally feel like you can 'flow with the go' and easily follow the movement of your horse without pain or chronic tension getting in your way and keeping you from riding like you were meant to ride. The keys are within you.

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Horse - Mind, Body, Spirit Arena

Anna Twinney

First Impressions through Reaching Out

World-renowned Horse Whisperer, Anna Twinney, knows how to not only hear the horses but she also knows how to let them know that they are being heard.

Anna Twinney

Times of Trust

World-renowned Horse Whisperer, Animal Communicator, and Energy Healer, Anna Twinney, knows that trust is the cornerstone of any relationship where clear, effective communication is possible.

April Love

Holistic Horseworks presents Horses are talking 25 minutes sneak peek

DVD The horses are talking, are you listening?

The majority of training and behavioral issues are caused by pain issues in the horse's body that are easily corrected. These pain issues result in a horse that is unwilling to switch leads, girthy, or is a cold backed horse, unable to engage its hind end well.

Deanna Montero

The Equine Skull and It's Variations

In this presentation, I cover palpable bony landmarks throughout the horse's skull and how we can use those to measure for shaping an anatomically accurate head out of clay. I also discuss the skeletal variations we can see in the living horse and share several photographed examples.

Jill Hendershot Roth

Segment 1 Part B

unique connection between you and your horse.  Segment 1 discusses five key ways to cultivate this amazing connection with your equine friend.

 Jillian Kreinbring

Equine Posture Exercises

Ground and in-hand lessons used to develop weight-bearing posture


Jim Masterson

Hind End Points-Sacrum

In this video Jim demonstrates the Hind End Points and a newer Technique called the Sacrum Float which releases tension in the sacrum and entire hind end. You are able to see how the horse in the video is holding tension by holding his tail to his body.

Jochen Schleese

Biomechanics and Western Saddle Fit


Katie Boniface

Holistic Horse Training

The power over model of horse training is coming to a close and we, as an industry, are trying to navigate the way forward in the power model of training, as we see how we can work with our horse as an equal and a partner. There are 4 aspects of this relationship to take into consideration.

Katie Boniface

 Trail blazers vs athletes

When working with our horses we have the potential to shape out the different behavioural requirements that we have for the tasks we want them to perform. The different riding goals that we have require different strengths and attributes from our horses.

Amanda Wilson

Willow Expo 2


Amanda Wilson

Willow Expo 3


Leigh-Anne Verge

The Power To Say No

"If we don't say yes authentically, then we say yes regrettably, and that leads to far more problems than if we'd said no in the first place".  Without the ability to say no, the "yes" has no real value.

Rachel Bedingfield

The Many Uses of Protected Contact

Would you dare to train your horse in a way that gives her complete choice to engage with you or simply walk away? What response would you get if you gave your horse such a choice?

Kate Neligan

Spiritual Psychology & Horsemanship

There are ways of working with horses that truly honor their souls. Learn four different spiritual psychology principles and how you can apply them to being with horses. These are first-of-their-kind practices that can grow the human-horse connection and can be used in all relationships. Hopefully, this training will increase your awareness of horses as spiritual teachers and leave you inspired to have more heart in your horsemanship.

Sharon Wilsie

Equine Energy Types

the three primary energy types we define in Horse Speak

Sharon Wilsie

Putting it All Together

your energy type, your horse's energy type, what values your horse is seeking and problem-solving

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