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Horsemanship Arena

 Horsemanship Arena  Presentations Day 2

Available 24 Hours Beginning  9:00 AM CST (USA) 4 PM CET (Europe)

Bronwyn Irwin

No Strings Attached! Liberty Training  - Liberty is a great way to learn how to communicate with your horse. In this session Bronwyn shares the foundation moves that make a solid liberty horse.

Chris Ellsworth

Getting In Step - This is a video that provides folks with lots of tips and insights to achieve good timing in their riding, but also why timing is so critically important in the art of horsemanship.

Chris Lombard

Love And Fear And Horses: The Power Of Choice -- While doing a demonstration with his horse Rocky, Chris mistakenly doesn't listen to Rocky as best as he could. Chris then has to let go of his plan, focus on the moment, and reconnect with Rocky."

Jim Hicks

Wilson At the Back - 

David Stuart

The Introduction of Lateral Work -

Dennis Cappel

From Disrespect To Respect Part 2 -

Don Jessop

Freedoms First Ride - Discover the map that professionals use to guide their horses through the foundation steps to riding.

Jason Irwin

Colt Starting Part Two - This is the second part of Jason’s colt starting demonstration. In this video Jason puts the first ride on a young horse.

Jillian Kreinbring

Mounting Block Basics -

Katie Boniface

Rearing Horse Assessment -   In this video I'm sharing an initial assessment lesson from a new student who came to me with issues regarding her horse rearing and becoming scared of him. I'm going to go over what kinds of things I would be looking for in a rearing horse

Lindsey Partridge

Your First Bridleless Ride - Join Lindsey Partridge as she demonstrates riding a horse bridleless for the very first time

Lyla Cansfield

Teaching Your Horse to Line up to the Mounting Block - Having a horse that is easy to mount is one of those things a bit like trailer loading or standing for the farrier. We take it for granted when it's going well and really notice it when it's not!

Michael Gascon

Creating Confidence With A Spooky Horse - Getting your spooky horse to have confidence and trust in your leadership is not an easy feat, but with these steps you can have your horse looking to you for decisions and find peace of mind knowing that you won't let them get hurt.

Mike & Joy Meizler

Happy Horse - Mike discusses bits and the fact that a horse cannot be happy with a harsh bit and tight curb chain.  As trail horse trainers we believe a happy horse is going to perform out on the trails in a manner that is calm, relaxed, soft and supple.

Bruce Anderson

A Young Horse Introduction to Natural HumanshipTM Part 1 -

In this series, Bruce Anderson works with a young horse during a 30 day training period. From mental tools such as timing, feel and problem-solving, to raising his pressure threshold, the training will help trainers and owners build a sold foundation leading to future success. In Part 1 of the series, Bruce describes some of the methods that he’ll be using to start the process.

David Lichman

How to Use Treats Without Creating a Cookie Monster -

Exuberance, willingness, speed-learning and relationship-building are all benefits of using treats as motivators.  In this lesson, you will learn to eliminate these common objections:  "My horse is mugging me”; “My horse gets dominant with me”;  "My horse loses it and only thinks about the cookies”.

Bethany Tuskey

Getting Started with Liberty Work - Establishing the connection between you and your horse is the first step to being able to communicate with and direct your horse without a physical connection to him.

Bethany Tuskey

Releasing Tension through In Hand Work - Tension (or stiffness, bracing, resistance) can develop in your horse for a variety of reasons- improper posture, a sedentary lifestyle, an old injury, fear, confusion, and more. Tension will block the flow of energy through your horse's body much like a kink will block the floor of water through a hose. Tension will make it harder for your horse to move in an athletic and healthy way. Therefore, before we try to develop our horse physically, it's best to discover and work through those areas of tension. Once tension is released, everything else will be easier.

Janet Jones & Lynn Reardon

Part 2 -


Focus on Ourself ~
Mindset, Riding, Health Arena

Focus On Ourself Mindset, Riding, Health Arena Presentations Day 2

Available 24 Hours Beginning  @ 9:00 AM CST (USA) 4 PM CET (Europe)

Carla Bauchmueller

Find Joy And Confidence In Riding


Carla Bauchmueller

Overcome Fear Through Breathing

Learn a breathing technique that helps you stay calm and confident in the saddle.

Celina Skogan

Mindset -

Chris Lombard

Peace Within -- How meditation can help us to find a calm, quiet, and balanced state of being that can lead the way in our interactions with horses."

Christina Stinchcomb

Chakras & Our Personal Development 

From birth through early adulthood, our chakras develop along with our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. When we embrace them as part of our very nature, they illuminate a pathway offering insights and wisdom as we engage with our horses and the world around us. Just as knowledge is power, personal knowledge is empowerment.” When we are truly empowered, connected and attuned within ourselves, we have far greater potential to create with ease and grace.

Deborah Davies

You Are Being Breathed So "Be What You Need to Do"! - We spend a lot of time focusing on our horses emotional and mental body as well as  posture and balance, yet it is equally important that we consider those same concepts within ourselves.

Deborah Davies

So How Do I Release My Pelvic Floor Anyway? - The correct function of the equine pelvis determines the correct balance, stabilization and locomotion ability of the entire horse.  This is part of 'self-carriage'.  But, did you know the first muscles of engagement of the horse are the same first muscles we engage when we ask our horse to move?  What are they? ....  the psoas and the quadriceps!

Gloria Hester

Somatic Wisdom for You & Your Horse Part 3  Meet Chutzpah. Where we’ll cover “Bounce Back” and Straight pickups.What I want Chutzpah to notice and why.Things you can look for in your horse (their language/feedback).Learning about “Tendencies” in your horse.

Jill Hendershot Roth

Thriving With Your Herat Wide Open – Part 2 – Being You - You deserve a life that is blissful, peaceful, and full of joy.   Horses teach us that the key to such happiness is to live with our Hearts Wide Open.  This takes courage and tenacity – but you can do it!  Part 2 – Is about living your most authentic Life.  Embracing all of you and what you have to gift to the world.

Lucie Klaassen

Seat and Bending - How to ride based on your breathing, energy and seat.

Jenny Pim

How  Equestrian Tai Chi helps the Horse to have Sovereignty of Himself - In this video you’ll learn how Equestrian Tai Chi helps horses to rise above feelings of anxiety they might have, so they can have sovereignty of themselves again. You’ll learn an Equestrian Tai Chi exercise to practice on your horse.

Lyla Cansfield

Emergency Dismount - In this last video I will teach you how to do an emergency dismount. It's something that is worth practising quite a few times so you know you can do it.

Allison Baier

The Shoulder of An Equestrian - New Ways of Connecting with Your Rein Aide” Explore what makes your rein aide effective, steady, and well-received by the horse. Learn strengthening and flexibility concepts that support ideal shoulder posture from a Physical Therapy perspective and how your nervous system state opens up new patterns of connection with your horse

Horse - Mind, Body, Spirit Arena

Horse - Mind, Body, Spirit Arena 

Available 24 Hours Beginning 9:00 AM CST (USA) 4 PM CET (Europe)

Babette Teschen

Understanding Horse Movement -

Celina Skogan

Basic Needs -

Deborah Davies

Evaluating and Working With Thoracic Region Discomfort - In this video, Debbie is working with a 10-year-old mare that has an undiagnosed condition in the thoracic region.  No pathology has been diagnosed by the veterinarian but she did have a muscle injury to her pelvic region as a 4-year-old.

Lindsey Partridge

The 3 Horse Types; Sensitivity, Confidence & Dominance - Join Lindsey Partridge to identify the type of horse you have and what kind of leader you need to be for them to feel safe & trusting with you.

Lucie Klaassen

Inhand Work, It’s all about balance - Prepare your horse for riding and collection on the ground.

Marianne Florman

My Horse is Slowly - The first video is a lesson I did with a woman and her Islandic horse. She named him Slowly.... And she wanted so much, that he could be faster. In this video, I am teaching her, how to get rid of the label "Slowly" and by that, growing the relationship with her horse. Have fun.

Sarah Schlote

7 Tips of Horse Owners - Sarah Schlote provides 7 tips for horse owners drawing from topics covered in the Equuscience™ program that she co-founded with Dr. Steve Peters. A description of the differences between the EQUUSOMA® professional training and the Equuscience™ educational offerings is also provided to help you decide which option might be right for you.

Tami Elkayam

The Ventral line - Most modalities do very little to nothing on the ventral side of the horse. This is unfortunate and it leaves the most important areas often unattended and subject to somatosensory amnesia.

Tami Elkayam

Thoracic lift - The architecture of serratus ventralis thoracis is unique and differs in form and function from thoracic to cervical serratus ventralis. What makes all the difference?

Tami Elkayam

The Hind Limb Hammock - This exercise is good for just about everything the horse struggles with. If there was one thing I wish all owners, riders, trainers and professionals did all the time and offered every horse it would be this single move.

Warwick Schiller

Creating Connection Through Change in focus -

Karen Jones

Motivational Horsemanship FUNctional Movement and Proprioception Training "Square Balance" - Karen sets up and creates the possibility and opportunity to learn "Square Balance" and evenly weight all 4 legs, or have a 'strong table' of posture.

Karen Jones

Motivational Horsemanship FUNctional Movement and Proprioception Training "'Pose with Purpose and Square Balance" Creates Perfect Posture - Karen sets up a strong desire in Rhett to find and experience 'square balance' and 'pose with purpose' on the stability mat.  The mat has become an intrinsically motivating place for him to be.  He gets a dopamine release from the pleasure center of his brain because 'perfect posture' feels balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Lucía Pérez

How to work in a healthy way your horse's back- A brief lecture on your horse's back anatomy and reasons to include scientific evidence into practice. You'll get why and how to go easy with the back.

Marianne Florman

Frederik - A lesson with a woman and her Frisian gelding. She named him "scared of fast movements and noise". She truly believed that her horse was scared. In this video, I am showing her another approach, to get rid of the label, and get a closer relationship with her horse. Have fun.

Sharon Wilsie

Putting it All Together Part 2 - 

Sharon Wilsie

The Six Primary Values and the Values that Horses Seek Part 2 - 

Sharon Wilsie

The Three Equine Energy Types Part 2 -

Rachel Steen

Episode 2: 
PRP - Positive Reinforcement based Physiotherapy for Equines First Exercises for Postural Rehabilitation 
These exercises provide a gentle method to improve weak areas while easing fascial restrictions. In addition, you’ll discover some great quick exercises to do in confined spaces for rainy days or rehab. Your horse (equine) will be an eager participant while finding it mentally enriching.

Andy Makacewicz

Relations part 1 – 

Andy works with 2 mustangs presenting path of building relations according to his program focusing on trust first

Andy Makacewicz

Relations part 2 -

 Andy works with 2 mustangs presenting the strength of bonding achieved using techniques for the first mount and ride with extreme lightness

Trisha Wren

Using Energy to help your horse
Everything is made of energy, and how we use it can have a huge impact on our horses.  Learn 9 simple ways that you can positively harness your energy to benefit your horse and your relationship.