Liz’s 2020 Presentations

  • PREPARING THE CANTER - Are you good in your body and mind? Are you good in your mind? Are you good in your body? Yes? Great. Let’s find out how your horse is going. No? Let’s find out how we can get you there ‚to be good‘, so that you can offer your horse the quality time you would like to have with it. In this Video follow Lena along her path to a good canter transition. See how improving her mindset and body awareness give her the ability to be in the here and now, and is thus able to achieve smooth canter transitions.

This might sound a bit enthusiastic, but it is true.

Of course, there are days, when it has rained non-stop and some clients made my head spin with their, let’s say, uncalled for comments about their horse, when I have a moment of ”why do I do all this?”. But then all I have to do is remind myself of why I am here and what the purpose is. I go sit with my beautiful self bred mare and the love I receive blows all doubt away.

 I ask myself, “am I good in my mind?”… if no, I will follow our mindset protocol.

If yes, I ask myself  “am I good in my body?”…if not, then I follow your body love and understanding protocol.

If yes, I get my horse and I ask  “how is my horse?” and I follow your horse mind and the body protocol. And I ALWAYS come out of this process feeling grateful, happy and loved.

I have been around horses all my life. I had the great fortune of meeting some of the world’s best trainers, with horses but also with mindset coaching, having realized that the horse ALWAYS mirrors the person it is dealing with. The same horse will be sweet and obedient for one person and almost dangerous a minute later for another. How can that be? Assuming that the horse is stable, it had to be the human. And what Ray Hunt already said, seldom does the human have a horse problem, but often the horse has a human problem, all of a suddenly made sense.

Naturally, I am drawn to the horse, and I understand them, so I had to learn people and soft skills to understand humans in order to serve both and create a better understanding between horse and human.

Because of the horse brings together likeminded people seeking to be more informed and thus better horsepeople. I would love to be part of this movement.

My Mentors and Trainers include

In Australia : Matt Ryan, Richard Mitton and the man who started my horse career with the simple words: “you are good with horses and kids, use your talent and inspire the next generation” Barry Roycroft.

In Germany: J.C. Dysli and Manuel Jorge de Oliveira


Mindset: Tanja Mitton, Bob Proctor and Robin Sharma

Liz Roos

"Because of the horse..."

I get up every morning before the alarm goes off and go to bed at night excited about what the new day will bring.

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