Josh’s 2020 Presentations

  • Introduction: If you are not familiar with Josh Nichol and his unique "Relational Horsemanship" approach to working with horses, this is the place to start! Josh explains how his background, doing everything from cattle work to Dressage, led him to find a path that is not about dominance or "respect", but is instead about meeting the horse's relational needs, which he defines as Mind, Space, and Pressure. Josh will also introduce you to the idea that the feedback we receive from the horse can be a priceless key to our own growth, both as horsemen and as human beings.
  • Part 2: Is Your Horse a Mind, Space, or Pressure Horse? While all horses have the three relational needs of Mind, Space and Pressure, every horse has one need that is stronger than the others. In this video, Josh Nichol explains how to determine your horse's primary need, and you will see how he works with each type of horse to help them achieve both calm and connection. Josh's clear explanations of how he addresses each horse's needs will give you key insights to start changing your relationship with your own horse.
  • Part 3: Using Ground Work to Develop your "Feel" and Soften Your Horse  We all want a horse that responds calmly and easily to our requests. In Relational Horsemanship, that all starts by developing the ability to feel your horse's thoughts, as well as the ability to change those thoughts if the horse is worried about something or disconnected from you. In this video, Josh Nichol will show you the ground work he uses to begin this important process of discovery, leading to deeper feel in you and greater softness in the horse.
  • Part 4: Riding to Deepen Connection and Improve Balance in the Horse and Rider  The kind of softness and lightness we seek when riding our horses can only be truly achieved if the horse's mind is calm, willing and connected to the rider. Join Josh Nichol in this video as he demonstrates how to take the same principles from the ground work video into the saddle. Josh will show you how to use your reins and your own balance to feel and influence your horse's thoughts, and to help the horse balance correctly, both of which are of great importance for athleticism and long-term soundness.

Driven by a lifelong passion to connect with horses on the deepest possible level, Josh Nichol has been honing his unique Relational Horsemanship approach to horse training for over two decades. In his early years, Josh studied in the U.S. under world-class mentors who had him starting colts and learning the art of the working cattle horse. He continued to develop his skills through activities as varied as rodeo pick-up work and the study of Classical Dressage.  As he explains, "My personal focus has been on blending an understanding of the functional training of the working cowboy with the High School approach of the Classical system. My ongoing desire is to continually honour both the mind and the body of the horse in order to allow both peace and proper function."

Josh brings key aspects of his varied background together in his Relational Horsemanship training, which is based on the core principle of building a deep connection with our horses by continually striving to meet their mental and physical needs. When we make this the foundation of our horsemanship, we create a positive learning environment for both horse and rider without any need for force. Josh believes that by fostering understanding, softness and lightness in the horse -- instead of the tensions that so often result from dominance-based training -- we empower our horses to feel and give their very best.


Working with clients ranging from trail riders to Olympic competitors, Josh has gained an international following among horse owners and equine professionals alike. While his highly regarded live clinics continue to draw students from around the globe, Josh now also has a popular online training program that allows anyone seeking to advance their horsemanship to learn his methods.

Josh is a regular contributor to Horse Canada and has had many articles published in other magazines such as EQUUS and Western Horse Review.  He has been featured in events as diverse as “The Horse” Exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, and The Mane Event in Red Deer, AB. He also gives team-building seminars for businesses and other organizations, works with equine-assisted therapy groups, and now has protégés of his own going out into the world to teach his methods. Ultimately, Josh aims to help both horses and people make the changes necessary to become their best possible selves by finding connection, joy, and freedom in both body and spirit.

Josh Nichol

"Because of the horse..."

I have a deeper understanding of how my presence is received by the world around me and that understanding challenges me to grow every time I step into the arena of life.

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