Elaine’s 2020 presentations

  • The Foundation of PartnershipWhat makes all the great horsemen and horsewomen great? Is it the specific techniques they use? Is it the equipment? Is it something special inside them? Or is it something else - something more foundational? Explore the science of connecting with the heart of your horse. Learn what gets in the way and discover exactly what you can do to connect with your horse the way the masters do. No matter what method you follow, or what techniques you use, this is the foundation of it all.
  • Building Connection through Conflict Resolution -  When things don't go the way you wanted or planned, what do you do? How do you handle the conflict when you want to do one thing and your horse wants to do another? Conflict resolution is essential in all relationships and your equine relationship is no different. In this video, you'll discover the 5 types of conflict resolution (spoiler alert: only one of them is really effective), how to be a kind leader (without you or your horse getting walked on), and how you can use conflict to build - not break - the partnership with your horse.

Elaine Sanders is an Equine Relationship Coach, Stress Consultant, and born horse enthusiast. She has a degree in Nursing, a certification in Equine Partnered Psychotherapy and Coaching, and is a certified HeartMath Coach. She is passionate about creating true partnership with her horses and she knows that the harmony she wants with her horses first starts inside herself.

She teaches others how to be calm, composed, and confident so that they can not only be successful with their horses, but also so that they can have meaningful relationships with their equine friends. Elaine is a compassionate and honest coach who combines sound science with horse sense to help you have the partnership of your dreams. Elaine lives with the people she loves on a farm in rural Manitoba with her bird, cat, dog, and four horses.

Elaine Sanders

"Because of the horse..."

I’ve discovered the beauty of all relationships - with others, with God, and with the best version of myself.

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