Anna’s 2020 presentations

"I am especially interested in making things happen. A LOT. But not in any way. I want to do them in the most optimal way, the way that adds to my and my horse’s being. For me the path that leads to that is focused on releasing physical and psychological tensions from horses and humans. I do dressage, liberty, long reins… but most importantly thanks to horses I REALLY AM, and then I translate it into actions. This makes my life and the life of my horses filled with purpose. 

I am Anna Marciniak from Spain, and I invite you to take this fascinating journey together with me and your horse to discover how much you can be, do and enjoy by removing all that blocks you or is an obstacle on your path. Because of the Horse I learned how to remove these obstacles, and in effect I found myself in the place where I can simply DO MORE. I am excited to share with you what I learned on the way..."

Anna Marciniak

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