Rachel Steen

Rachel Steen is a lifelong horsewoman and equine advocate.  Since starting horse training as a teenager, she has pursued the dream of humans and horses working together in harmonious partnerships.

After obtaining a degree in Biology, her journey took her through decades of practicing Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship, only to realize that something was missing in the relationship with the animal. Several years ago, she made the transition to force-free positive reinforcement training. Studying behavioral science under Susan Friedman, and working with pioneers of equine focused positive reinforcement professionals, such as Peggy Hogan, helped provide clarity to the beauty and power of positive reinforcement training – for both the horse and the human.

Along the way, she has found that building the connection through positive reinforcement has not only helped her horses, but just as importantly helped her clients to better understand themselves and to connect with the world around them.  Like horses, humans begin to embrace learning with confidence and enthusiasm, instead of fear and alienation. That is where she believes she has the greatest potential to make an impact – for both animals and people.

Rachel has several on-line groups, and she offers in-person and on-line coaching, as well as equine bodywork sessions.

Rachel Steen

Rachel's 2023 Presentations

Episode 1: 
PRP - Positive Reinforcement based Physiotherapy for Equines & an Introduction to the Basics of R+ - 
In this introduction to PRP - Positive Reinforcement based Physiotherapy for Equines -  you will start to learn a fun, science-based method to teach foundation groundwork while assessing your equine’s movement and body restrictions.  
Episode 2: 
PRP - Positive Reinforcement based Physiotherapy for Equines First Exercises for Postural Rehabilitation 
These exercises provide a gentle method to improve weak areas while easing fascial restrictions. In addition, you’ll discover some great quick exercises to do in confined spaces for rainy days or rehab. Your horse (equine) will be an eager participant while finding it mentally enriching.