Michael Gascon

The Horse Guru - Michael Gascon is a 5th-generation world-renowned horse trainer who is taking the equine industry by storm! He is the next big thing in the equine industry and he plans to make it to the top and stay there. He's known for training the untrainable, riding the unridable, and doing the impossible with horses all around the world as well as being a Champion Colt Starter. Although Michael has been titled the #1 Gaited Horse Trainer in the World due to his success with the Paso Fino breed (over 50 National Championships), his desire to make a difference in the equine industry and to become the best all-around horse trainer in the world has challenged him to advance his skills and specialties to be applied to any breed.

From a pony to a Percheron and anything in between, there’s no problem too big or too small, The Horse Guru can handle them all! Not only do his horse clients vary by breed and discipline, but his owner clientele varies by country, riding ability, discipline, and ultimate equine goal for their four-legged partners. He is also an equine viral video sensation and has over 300 MILLION views on his social media videos!!!

Michael Gascon

Michael’s 2023 Presentations

"12 Steps To Fixing Any Horse Problem"

From pony to Percheron and everything in between, these steps have been proven over 1,000s of horses to help you fix any horse problem by fixing the root of the problem versus just addressing the symptom.

"Creating Confidence With A Spooky Horse"

Getting your spooky horse to have confidence and trust in your leadership is not an easy feat, but with these steps you can have your horse looking to you for decisions and find peace of mind knowing that you won't let them get hurt.

"First Ride On Unhandled Quarter Horse"

They had to tranquilize this horse through its feed to be able to catch, vaccinate, and send it for training. Watch the steps we take from the halter to the first ride with this feral Quarter Horse filly straight from the pasture.

"Giving Your Horse The Best Start To Their Riding Career"

One of our main priorities is teaching horses how to have fun again and want to enjoy the learning process. Our colt starting program ensures that they get to spend their 30 days outside of the round pen and getting to expand their knowledge and confidence out on the trails, extreme obstacle course, soccer games, chasing cows, and more!