Karen Jones

Karen Jones, Creator of Motivational Horsemanship

Karen is a Mentor, Coach and Instructor who specializes in helping humans understand and enjoy training their own horses. Karen uses science and evidence based horsemanship to resolve horse behavior problems. A holistic approach to the horse's care, management, welfare and training is an integral part of Karen's program.

Member of IAABC

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

From Karen:  I mentor horse owners to build their foundational skills and learn to communicate with their equine partners, creating safe and strong horse-human relationships.

Improving the communication and relationship between horses and their humans is my passion. Quite often, I hear the phrase, “My horse is great except _____________’.

I dove deep into learning and understanding the sciences behind WHY my horses were showing bad and sometimes dangerous behaviors. This education allowed me to change my mindset around how I could and should train to change behaviors.  

This greatly influences how I teach and train. Ever shifting theories and techniques allow me to train for optimal learning for horse and human."

Karen Jones

Karen’s 2023 Presentations

 Motivational Horsemanship FUNctional Movement and Proprioception Training Using A Stability Mat -

Karen uses a foundational element of FUNctional movement, a stability mat, to challenge Rhett's proprioceptive senses. Being a quadraped who is very grounded to the earth, Rhett must initiate rarely used brain and body muscles to stay 'upright' on an unstable surface.

Motivational Horsemanship FUNctional Movement and Proprioception Training "Pose with Purpose" -

Karen teaches Rhett "Pose with Purpose" on the ground and stability mat.  He learns how to shift his weight slightly to his hindquarters and lift through his withers, while contracting his abdominals.

Motivational Horsemanship FUNctional Movement and Proprioception Training "Square Balance" -

Karen sets up and creates the possibility and opportunity to learn "Square Balance" and evenly weight all 4 legs, or have a 'strong table' of posture.

Motivational Horsemanship FUNctional Movement and Proprioception Training "'Pose with Purpose and Square Balance" Creates Perfect Posture -

Karen sets up a strong desire in Rhett to find and experience 'square balance' and 'pose with purpose' on the stability mat.  The mat has become an intrinsically motivating place for him to be.  He gets a dopamine release from the pleasure center of his brain because 'perfect posture' feels balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally.