Jason Irwin

Jason along with his wife Bronwyn operate Jason & Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship. They are based out of Ontario, Canada. Jason teaches twenty-five to thirty clinics a year on a variety of topics including colt starting, horsemanship, liberty training, problem-solving, trailer loading, groundwork, trick work, and more.

Jason has started colts and given training demonstrations at some of the largest horse expos in the world.

As well as teaching clinics Jason is also part of the family business Northstar Livestock Quarter Horses.

Jason Irwin

Jason's 2023 Presentations

Colt Starting Part One – 

In this video Jason shows how to prepares a young horse to be ridden for the first time. It covers the essential groundwork exercises and how to saddle and bridle a young horse.

Colt Starting Part Two – 

This is the second part of Jason’s colt starting demonstration. In this video Jason puts the first ride on a young horse.