Anna Twinney

Following the call of the horse, a blind leap of faith took this horsewoman “across the pond" to become recognized by British Royalty and the US Government as one of the premier professionals in the language of the horse. Anna Twinney is a Natural Horsewoman, Equine Behaviorist, International Clinician, Animal Communicator, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, and Coach. She is best known for her authentic communication and connection to heal the hearts of horses and humans alike.

Before anyone had ever heard of equine coaching or therapy, Anna’s journey began as a lifelong horse enthusiast and British police officer looking for a way to bring healing to victims and her fellow officers through the horse-human connection. Her search brought her to California to become a co-creator and the first head instructor of the famous Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC). Realizing her journey was only beginning, Anna left the MRILC to find her own voice, working with and studying wild and untouched horses.

Creator Reach Out to Horses®, a comprehensive international equine behavior and training program, Anna has worked with over 10,000 horses and thousands more horse-lovers, professionals, and competitors. From serving military veterans, celebrities, backyard horse owners and Olympic dressage competitors, to shining a light on the plight of the wild horses, nurse foals, tribal mustangs, PMU industry, and supporting the non-profits who fight for them, Anna has worked with and trained horses and people in countless disciplines and industries.

For more than 20 years, her life’s work has taken her to almost every continent; she teaches and trains all over the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Canada, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and more.  Most recently, Anna was engaged by the Beijing AQHA as the first featured female demonstrator, she coached the Chinese Endurance team in Mongolia, worked with equine-assisted-learning programs in Singapore, and filmed with the FEI in Morocco (just to name a few highlights).  

While the exploration into the silent and secret language of the horses takes Anna through global gateways, gentling a thousand wild mustangs and talking to horses telepathically has given her an impeccable reputation to capture their whisper.  Anna’s life’s work is expansive, with an Equine Training Certification program sought after by novices and professionals alike. She is the creator of over a dozen DVDs, author of books, and mastermind behind multiple online mentorship programs, and she continues to develop and teach cutting-edge methodologies both online and at her new home, Whispering Feather Farm, in Mill Spring, NC.

Anna Twinney

Anna’s 2022 Presentations

Adjusting Food Aggression Freely - 7 min. 20 sec. Day 1- Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

World-renowned Horse Whisperer, Anna Twinney, isn’t regularly called-in when things are going well between people and their horses.  She is often called when a horse has demonstrated a behavior (or behaviors) that have people with a decent set of horsemanship tools still scratching their heads.  And these aren’t just problems under saddle like bucking, balking or having a barn-sour horse.  Many people struggle with horses who have learned to get their needs met by behaving aggressively on the ground.  And having a horse who is food aggressive can be a scary situation in which to find yourself, especially if you are in between your horse and that food! 

First Impressions through Reaching Out - 12 min. 53 sec.Day 2 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

World-renowned Horse Whisperer, Anna Twinney, knows how to not only hear the horses but she also knows how to let them know that they are being heard.  Just the simplest of gestures such as dropping our eyes or taking a deep breath, slowing our footfall, or dropping our chin communicates something with our equine counterparts.  Being aware of not only what we are saying to them but also being aware of what they are saying to us is of paramount importance to creating positive and engaging interactions and conversations with them.

Liberty & Language: “Come on Command” - 7 min. 11 sec. Day 1 Horsemanship 

Master Horsewoman, Anna Twinney, knows how frustrating it can be to not be able to catch your horse.  This is a common issue with clients when they first come to work with the methods at Reach Out to Horses.  Do you find yourself also running around the paddock trying to catch your horse? Did you know that you could train them so that they want to come on command? Join Anna and Aria to discover what true partnership looks like while you work on setting boundaries, modify behavior, and test your connectivity with your horse while utilizing their language at liberty.

Overcoming Obstacles at Liberty through Language and Life Lessons - 11 min. 57 sec. Day 2 Horsemanship 

At Reach Out to Horses, world-renowned Horse Whisperer, Anna Twinney, knows that the horse is only half of the equation. So, when it comes time to evaluate a partnership, she is always looking at both the horse and the human.  One of the tools Anna uses for helping students overcome challenges with their equine partners is the obstacle course because how you move your horse around an arena says a lot about you. Are they rushing and you are unable to help them slow down? Are you unable to motivate them at all? Do you approach obstacles as a team or as one vs. another? Learn how to overcome obstacles at liberty with language and learn your life lessons as taught by your master teacher: your horse!

Times of Trust - 6 min. 43 sec. Day 2 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

World-renowned Horse Whisperer, Animal Communicator, and Energy Healer, Anna Twinney, knows that trust is the cornerstone of any relationship where clear, effective communication is possible.  One telltale sign of the ultimate trust between ourselves and our equine partners is the litmus test of them allowing us in while they are lying down.  With their ability to easily flee removed, they are totally vulnerable.  We pull in our energy, approach with a level of mindfulness second to none, and share sacred space with them in these very special and tender times of trust.  This exercise alone can pave the way for fruitful interactions and partnership once everyone is upright and ready to go to work or simply ready to go explore the world as a team, together!