Steve Rother

I have traveled across the country over the span of multiple decades building my knowledge of horses and finding ways to impart that wisdom to the hundreds of people who look to me for guidance each year.  I was mentored by some of the greats, including Ray Hunt, and as a kid I used to bring my saddle to the sidelines of clinics and wait for the call to ride.

I worked with the BLM starting mustangs and showing them in front of crowds to bring better understanding of the breed...this was before the Mustang Makeovers became a thing...or perhaps I was one of the pioneers?

My search for a better understanding of the horse brought me many horses that were considered untrainable, some of whom were on their last chance.  My methods have never failed me, and I still have never come across the untrainable horse.  It is in their heart to be our partner, and if the foundation and bond is built properly, there is no way to fail.

I have created many horsemanship programs that help any horse and rider build their confidence together.  Both my One Ride Away and Horse Teacher University programs have helped people create stronger relationships with their horses and give people the tools they need to work through any problem they may encounter.  The methods I use and teach work for all breeds, within all disciplines, and I am dedicated to helping every rider, no matter their level of experience, get the partnership that they truly want with their horse.

I can provide you with the tools to help you communicate more effectively with your horse and be the leader that they need you to be, which will then allow the two of you to work in unison as a team.  If this is something that you have been looking for, or maybe something that you didn’t even realize that you were missing, Steve Rother Horsemanship is the place you need to be.  Who knows what amazing learning experiences may be just over the horizon, make sure to join the journey so you won’t miss any of the great opportunities we offer.  You may be only one ride away from having your horse be everything you ever wanted!

Steve Rother

Steve's 2022 Presentations

Hard To Catch Horse - 34 min. 19 sec  Day 1 Horsemanship

You may have seen the meme floating around online about "free lunging" your horse, and the joke being that the person just couldn't catch them.  As funny as that meme is, it's funny because we have all known horses like that, and it really isn't funny when you are the person trying to catch the horse.  Wouldn't it be nice if when you went out to catch your horse, they would just stroll right up to you (without the requirement of a bucket)?  In this video, I will show you how to train your horse to catch you, rather than the other way around.

Herd Bound / Buddy Sour - 21 min. 3 sec.  Day 2 Horsemanship

This is common in horses because horses are herd animals and by instinct want to remain with their buddies (safety in numbers); however, your horse needs to be your partner when you ask them to be.  Their need to be with their buddy can be more than just the nuisance of them calling and being distracted; what if you and a friend go out riding the trails and your friend gets hurt and you have to ride for help?  Would you be able to ask your horse to leave the other horse and have them listen and not put your safety at risk as well?  In this video, I will show you how to work with a buddy sour horse so that they will look to you and not always the other horse for leadership.