Shawna Lewis

I have been blessed to have horses for my entire life and have passion teaching.   As a young girl, I knew the power of a positive relationship with my horses.  When I discovered Natural Horsemanship it was the perfect fit for me.  I immersed myself in learning everything that NH has to offer and develop.  Creating good communication and understanding with my horses has helped me create an amazing partnership with each of them.

In 2006, I began my journey studying directly with Karen Rohlf of Dressage Naturally.  I love Dressage Naturally because it inspires me to be a better horsewoman and a better person overall.  I am able to do dressage with my horses while at the same time continuing to build understanding and the relationship that I dream of.

In 2017, I was asked to join Karen as a Dressage Naturally Licensed Instructor.  My vision as an instructor is to help students and horses become more confident and relaxed… teaching students a better way to communicate with their horses with clarity and understanding.  My hope is to inspire students to continue to develop skills beyond a lesson.

I love being able to help students take the pieces of dressage and break them down into steps that will in turn help them know the questions to ask themselves in each moment with their horse.

Shawna Lewis

Shawna's 2022 Presentations