Saskia Gerritsen

My name is Saskia Gerritsen, I am a Riding Instructor and Horse Trainer based in Germany.

I help horse owners to translate their dream goals into a step-by-step Training Plan, so that they can feel successful every day and have more fun in training their horse.

Unlike many that focus only on the WHAT (exercises and techniques), I teach you

WHY and WHEN to train which will instantly make a positive impact on your relationship and progress with your horse. By following my Horse Development approach, equestrians can forget about the have-to's, start to ignore the barn talk and stop worrying if they're doing everything right. Start training with a Plan and feel empowered to follow your own path!

Saskia Gerritsen

Saskia’s 2022 Presentations

Horse Perspective on Riding - 59 min. 41 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

In this video, you will discover what is important to cover in your horse training, as seen from the horse's perspective! We dive deep into one part of my Group Coaching Program. This presentation covers the 3 Horse Development Pillars: Relationship, Understanding, and Biomechanics.
Training Plans Your Horse Will Love - 55 min. 43 sec.  Day 2 Horsemanship