Missy Wryn

Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Holistic Natural Horse Trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators (APHE.org).  Specializing in problem & dangerous horses, Missy pioneered the Training the WHOLE Horse® methods on the foundation of DO NO HARM.  Missy’s Training the Whole Horse® methods teach relationship and instinct based communication that enhances safety on the ground and under saddle.  Mindfulness to subtle communication cues are skills that Missy teaches her students/audience to recognize, acknowledge and address before the horse starts behaving in inappropriate and dangerous ways.  Learning healthy boundaries, mindfulness, and emotional control are skills Missy teaches that carryover into our everyday lives outside the barn. 

In addition to horse training Missy teaches holistic horse care from nutrition to vaccines, hoof care to barefoot rehab and physical pain identification. Missy’s signature phrase is Problems are Not Always Training Issues……….. As a speaker, author and clinician Missy provides her critically acclaimed Training the Whole Horse® workshops and presentations at horse expos, fairs, shows, classrooms and private barns.

Missy Wryn

Missy’s 2022 Presentations

Training the WHOLE Horse part 2 - 1 hr. 33 min. 25 sec.Day 1 Horsemanship

Teaches the 5 Fundamentals that Translate Under Saddle for a SAFER Horse and Ride!  After learning and applying the 3 Foundations, continuing with the 5 Fundamentals deepens the trust and communication between you and your horse while creating an unbreakable bond.  Once you and your horse are trained in the 5 Fundamentals they are easy to apply EVERY time as a warm-up process before you ride that only takes you 5-10 minutes to ensure a SAFER Horse and Ride! 

Training the WHOLE Horse part 3 - 40 min. 12 sec. Day 2 Horsemanship

Now that you’ve taught your horse the 5 Fundamentals on the ground, it is time to translate those techniques under saddle for a SAFER Ride!  The 5 Fundamentals can be applied to all disciplines of riding, but if you are interested in Bitless, the 5 Fundamentals are a MUST for SAFER Bitless Riding!