Michelle Young

Michelle Young and her coaching program helps students feel empowered and love working with their horses. She teaches students to create a strong foundation, a close connection, and healthy biomechanics. Her approach to training is to develop the entire horse and student with the foundation of quality horsemanship and the principles of Dressage Naturally.

Michelle is a Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor. Dressage Naturally provides a non-judgmental environment where students and horses can enjoy the process of learning.

Michelle Young

Michelle’s 2022 Presentations

Serpentine and Balance Beam Exercise - 21 min. 17 sec. Day 1 Horsemanship

In this video, Michelle teaches an exercise she loves using with her students and horses she is training. The exercise uses cones and poles to help you and your horse find clarity together. Michelle demonstrates riding a serpentine, focusing on long flowing lines and changes of bend to warm up and loosen your horse. Next, she teaches you how to use lateral yields to practice walking on a “balance beam” with your horse, straightening their body and engaging their hind legs. This is a really fun exercise to do with your horse and can be easily adjusted to match the level you are at. Michelle’s demo horse is a young, Lusitano/Mustang cross gelding named Duende.

Spiraling In and Out to a Hindquarter Yield - 27 min. 50 sec. Day 2 Horsemanship

In this session, Michelle teaches an exercise to help you find more mental and physical engagement on the ground with your horse. Michelle gives an overview on how to do a hindquarter yield in motion, and will demonstrate how to combine this yield with a regular circle by teaching your horse to spiral in and out. This exercise will help your horse develop more suppleness in their shoulders, mentally tune into you, and prepare them well for learning lateral work under saddle. Michelle’s demo horse is a young, Lusitano/Mustang cross gelding named Duende.