Lyla Cansfield

Hi, I am Lyla and I believe that success with horses comes from understanding and connection.

I specialise in providing a unique blend of natural horsemanship principles alongside sensitively applied traditional ground & ridden techniques for riders of any discipline to achieve transformational results with their horses.

Horses are happier and will respond better to training (in any sphere) when they understand your expectations and you understand theirs.

I came from a traditional horsey background. Early on I developed a love of Dressage, schooling and understanding how to train horses. This led me to study Natural Horsemanship, Horse and Rider Behaviour for 3 years at home in the UK and 2 years in the US. I have been teaching for over 15 years

My teaching brings together everything I have learnt from Natural Horsemanship, Dressage and a lifetime spent with horses.

  • Instructor for over 15 years
  • Creator of the Spooky Horses Online Course and the Healthy Movement & Self Carriage Study Series
  • Given demonstrations at national UK & US venues including Aintree, Hartpury, various shows at the NEC including Horse of the Year Show, HOYS
  • Worked intensively with Spanish Dressage Team trainer Luis Lucio getting FEI level horses ready for the competition environment

Lyla Cansfield

Lyla's 2022 Presentations

An Introduction to Creating Healthy Movement & Harmony through Contact - 24 min. 27 sec. Day 1 Horsemanship

Riding with contact is a crucial part of teaching your horse to move well with a rider and ensuring their longevity as a ridden horse.

In this introduction, Lyla will show you why it's so important, and share the essential elements to make it a harmonious and enjoyable process for you and your horse.

Establishing Contact as a Support for Your Horse from the Ground - 22 min. 8 sec. Day 2 Horsemanship

In this video, Lyla will show you the first exercise she teaches to help the horse understand the contact as a support and gain confidence in how to move comfortably within that contact.

This is the first exercise in the Introduction to Healthy Movement & Self Carriage Online Study Series, an 8 week programme that includes ground and ridden training video’s, theory, Q&A sessions and personal coaching online.