Liesbeth Jorna

3 KEYS ... If we want to create that special connection and dance with our horse that fills us both with happiness we need 3 keys: The key to the HEART of our horse to find a deep connection and harmony, the key to his MIND so we can help him develop self confidence and we can understand each other, and the key to his BODY to help him develop into a healthy athlete. Based on my experience as a competition rider, as a dressage judge, my journey into horsemanship, jumping and eventing and - of course - Dressage Naturally, it’s my passion to help you find those 3 keys to the heart, mind and body of your horse. I help you develop your horses into happy, healthy and successful athletes in a logical, fun, healthy and creative way, while taking your horsemanship skills and riding skills to the next level. I help you to build on your potential and develop yourself into the partner your horse loves. For my 'long distance students' I offer support through live online lessons and videocoaching and through Karen Rohlf’s Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena.

Liesbeth Jorna is the creator of Sport & Horsemanship United - based in the Netherlands - and also Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor (with Karen Rohlf) She teaches riders how to educate and train their horses in natural, friendly and healthy way so rider and horse can create results in health and harmony. Liesbeth's students are from all over the world and of all disciplines and all levels, from beginning horse owner to international Grand Prix riders.

Liesbeth Jorna

Liesbeth’s 2022 Presentations

Riding Balanced Corners - 24 min. 22 sec. Day 1 Horsemanship

The training video “Riding Balanced Corners” is about one of the most

effective foundational exercises that I teach almost all my students: the Corner Game.

Riders of every level, from beginner to Grand Prix, have found the many

benefits of this unique exercise to be beyond expectation: balance,

focus, calmness, straightness, collection … It’s not just about riding

balanced corners but way more than that!

Groundwork Exercises for Riding with Lightness - 42 min. 32 sec.Day 2 Horsemanship

Are you curious to find out how small skills on the ground can lead to

large benefits in riding?

As an instructor, one of my specialties is to really see what

foundational pieces are holding you and your horse back from making

progress. Most common is that horses do not really understand your aids

or they don’t really know what to do with their body and legs.

Groundwork is a great way to build the partnership, mutual understanding

and physical skills that your horse needs to prepare for riding. It is

also very effective to fill gaps in your horse’s education (or yours…)

This film will show you more than 20 exercises in various levels of

progress with an explanation of what, why and what qualities to look

for. You will find exercises for

* Seeking Harmony and Partnership

* Building Communication and Coordination (incl. lateral movements)

* Creating Healthy Biomechanics

* And some smart hacks for daily handling, bridling and mounting