Kerri Lake

Kerri Lake assists people to generate a way of being that honors their heart and brightens their world. Horses found her at age 2, and by age 11 she was asking them directly how she can learn to be as compassionate and patient with people as they are.

She has a degree in Animal Science – equine management & reproduction from UC Davis. Her professional career with horses ranges from experience managing breeding herds, an equine sanctuary and a Belgian Horse show barn.

In 2013 she published “Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance” to begin sharing a lifetime of awareness and guidance home to our own hearts, absent of judgment. In 2019 she published her second book, Spiritually Gifted, a memoir of her experience as a very sensitive child in an insensitive world. She now offers her wisdom and guidance as a “hands-on” facilitator, working 1-1 with people and animals, as well as collaborating and co-creating for projects that lead humanity into a paradigm of connection with all of life, through the heart. Ultimately, the greatest gift she can offer is her own purity of heart and encouragement that if she can do it, so can you.

Kerri Lake

Kerri’s 2022 Presentations

A New Way of Being - 42 min. 5 sec Day 1 Ourselves; Mindset, Riding, Health


A Simple but Profound Tool - 49 min. 44 sec. Day 1 Ourselves; Mindset, Riding, Health

Awareness, Communication, Presence - 41 min. 30 sec. Day 2 Ourselves; Mindset, Riding, Health