Kelli Paulson

Do you want to accomplish more with your horse than you ever imagined?

Kelli teaches you how to develop your presence and to be a leader horses want to follow. By learning timing and feel, how to direct the horse’s feet, and real collection, and putting in the effort, you will make real progress as you learn horsemanship as an art. This foundation, applied to trail obstacles, creates a willing, confident, respectful, responsive horse.

Trail Obstacles are an integral part of Kelli’s horsemanship program because they help riders cue confidently, allowing horses to be more responsive, as well as building confidence and willingness to improve your partnership.

Do you dream of having your own trail course? Kelli’s book and online course, “How to Build Simple Trail Obstacles”, will help you have your own set of trail obstacles to enjoy!

Trail Rider Challenge is a horsemanship-based trail challenge event where you can learn, measure your skills, improve, and have fun with horse friends. Join us from anywhere and participate in a Virtual Trail Rider Challenge!

Kelli Paulson

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