Jim Masterson

Using those responses to guide his work, Jim developed a system in which the horse actively participates in the process of releasing tension. By watching the horse for cues, the practitioner can see where tension has accumulated and how long to wait for the horse to process and let it go

The result was a unique and effective method of bodywork called The Masterson Method®, which is easy to learn, and accessible to anyone, regardless of your level of horsemanship.   

After years of teaching all over the world, Jim has discovered that while improving performance, this method also facilitates new levels of communication and trust with horses.

Jim Masterson

Jim’s 2022 Presentations

Bladder Meridian - 17 min. 19 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

From the Light To the Core video, Jim is explaining how to use the

powerful Technique of the Bladder Meridian.

This simple but powerful technique will teach you to:

* Start reading subtle changes in your horse’s body language.

* Enable your horse to start releasing tension in deeper core and

postural muscles.

* Understand through larger release responses, when the horse has

released the tension.

All it will take from you is patience, and a soft hand. Try it on your

horse today.

Hind End Points-Sacrum - 10 min. 59 sec. Day 2 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

In this video Jim demonstrates the Hind End Points and a newer Technique

called the Sacrum Float which releases tension in the sacrum and entire

hind end. You are able to see how the horse in the video is holding

tension by holding his tail to his body. Jim slowly lifts the tail until

the horse responds and then waits and waits until the horse shows a

clear release of tension. By watching the horse’s responses you realize

how sensitive horses can be and the real reason the Masterson Method is

so effective. Since the horse can’t brace against these subtle

techniques, they have no choice but to feel uncomfortable until they are

able to release the tension. You can feel the difference in your horse

the next time you ride or interact with your horse.

Masterson Method Introduction - 9 min. 38 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

Watch this introduction to the Masterson Method and Light Touch

Techniques. The creator of the Method, Jim Masterson explains how to

work with the horse to release tension in the body and improve your

relationship. The horse communicates almost entirely through body

language; from the most subtle level to the most obvious. Most of the

the horse's body language is missed by us. The Masterson Method is an

interactive method of bodywork in which the owner uses subtle changes in body language to get not-so-subtle results.

By applying levels of pressure (touch) and movement to the horse’s body

in a way that the horse’s nervous system is unable to brace against or

guard- and reading changes in the horse’s behavior as you do this – you

enable the horse to tell you where it is holding tension; you enable her

nervous system to release it; and you enable her to tell you when it has been released.