Jenny Wild

Jenny has always been the typical horse girl. She played with horses, painted horses, and when her parents asked, "Do you want a brother or sister?" her answer was, "I want a horse!" Jenny got her first pony when she was 5 years old. Nevertheless, she soon realized that she didn't like the conventional way. It felt like hurting horses and imposing her will on them. When she got her second horse in her  mid-20s, she quickly reached her limits. Through Natural Horsemanship she not only found solutions to her problems, but also a kind of enlightenment that suddenly thousands of possibilities were open to her. She started on this path in 2004 and attended countless clinics with renowned trainers, read books, watched movies and was absolutely motivated to learn. It was one of the best decisions of her life and her horse Paul was an incredible teacher!

In 2008 Jenny and Peer met at a Horse-musical by German Parelli Instructor Silke Vallentin. They fell in love and then also started teaching together in 2009. Since then they have developed their own style of horsemanship with the help of many great horsemen and -women. It puts the horse first and focuses on the process rather than on results. This is well reflected in their current teaching motto: „We give horses a voice“.

Listening to what horses have to say is one of Peer and Jenny´s biggest concerns. In their clinics and books they help people to better understand the horse and at the same time be more aware of one´s own behavior. They show their students in what ways they can work on themselves in order to develop a much more subtle and refined way of communicating. Both horses and humans greatly appreciate this kind of interaction, no matter what discipline or style of riding they prefer. 

Their approach is best described by a quote from the Australian horseman Ian Francis: “If you work on a horse, that horse gets better. If you work on yourself, every horse gets better.“

Jenny Wild

Jenny's 2022 Presentations

The trailer-loading dialog - 20 min. 16 sec Day 1 Horsemanship

In this Video Jenny and Peer translate the dynamics of the trailer-loading process. According to their aspiration to give horses a voice, you will gain some insight in the horses´ point of view and see why you will be more successful by listening to horses than by just trying to get them to do what you want.

Don´t Be Afraid to Make  Wrong Choices! - 42 min. 50 sec. Day 2 Ourselves; Mindset, Riding, Health

One of the most common questions a horse trainer gets asked is: „What should I do?“ People know, they have many options and they heard a lot of advice. But they don't know what to do, because they're afraid to make a wrong decision. Peer will show you in this video, that it is unavoidable to make so called wrong decisions – and that it is not the end of the world, because you can learn from it and it is actually the very essence of communication!

Connection And Safety – THE best exercise - 34 min. 7 sec. Day 2 Horsemanship

The two  most important assets for a fulfilling horse-human relationship combined in one exercise? Yes it is possible. In this video-lesson Jenny and Peer will give you an overview over the main pillars of what they call the Jean-Francois-exercise. Find out what they are and what is up with that unconventional name.