Jenny Pim

Hi, I’m Jenny Pim!
I’m the Founder and Creator of Equestrian Tai Chi. I’m a Certified Tai Chi Instructor Registered with the Tai Chi Union For Great Britain and a Certified Riding Coach Level 1 with Horse Sport Ireland.
I believe Horses are more sensitive to Chi/energy than we are and if we learn to develop our energy, we’ll be able to connect more deeply with them!
Since 2013 I've been teaching riders to enhance their communication and partnership with their horse through the energy practices I've developed for riders and horses based on Taoist Methods. I’ve also developed Certification Programs for Instructors.

It’s my passion to help illuminate horses through these practices, so people can come to perceive them as the wonderful energetic beings they truly are and that it’s possible for us to connect more deeply with them.

As well as Equestrian Tai Chi, I’ve developed other systems from Taoist Methods for horses and riding, including;- Equestrian Tai Chi Connected Riding, Riding Release Therapy, Taoist Meditation for Equestrians, Taoist Breathing for Riding. I offer certification programs; Equestrian Tai Chi for Riding Instructors, Equestrian Tai Chi for Therapeutic Riding Instructors (mounted), Interactive Equine Tai Chi for People who would like to practice with people/children with learning needs (unmounted) and Equine Etheric Field Therapy. My hope is that these Programs will help people and horses together, to help each other.

Jenny Pim

Jenny’s 2022 Presentations

An Introduction to Equestrian Tai Chi! - 21 min. 48 sec. 

In this video: We’ll learn about Equestrian Tai Chi, How to Feel our Chi, How to Seal our Chi in our Tantien. We’ll learn the first movement of the Equestrian Tai Chi Form or sequence. We’ll also learn a little about Taoist Cosmology and a specialized energy exercise for riding from Equestrian Tai Chi Connected Riding!

How the Benefits of Equestrian Tai Chi practice transfer to our riding experience and develop our energy. 

In this video:
We’ll learn the second movement of the Equestrian Tai Chi Form on the right and the left.
We’ll learn about some of the benefits of Equestrian Tai Chi practice and how they transfer to our riding experience.
We’ll learn about Equestrian Tai Chi Connected Riding and Heaven and Earth Energy Riding.