Jen Rohlen Barker

Jen Rohlen: Mama, BFF, Horse Trainer, dreamer of big dreams, creator of & the Equestrian Planner as well as of the co-creator of the Horse Training Channel. Video producer for popular trainers Charlotte Cannon and Lindsey Partridge.


Has been involved in equestrian education since the prehistoric VHS days & has helped horse people all over the world to have better success with their horses.

Starbucks lover. Horse mom to Hippo, Raven, Charlie, Gracie & Ryan. Dog mom to sweet Bella.

Her mission is to change the world for horses & the women who love them.

You can find her at where she helps her Horse Girl sisters, find more time for what they love, believe in themselves & create safe, joyful, extraordinary partnerships with their horses.

Jen Rohlen Barker

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