Geary Whiting

In the Central Coast of California you can find a unique school for Horse and Rider with an emphasis on
Team Concept. You will notice that much of the subject matter is quite different from most schools. Using
knowledge acquired over his life time, Geary Whiting as athletic trainer and shiatsu massage therapist
established methodologies to benefit the health and well-being of both horse and rider. His philosophy is
simple, “Create a better team by enhancing performance in both athletes," increasing awareness, and
reaction time.
Geary grew up with horses, chasing cattle, hauling hay, driving tractors, plowing fields, and showing animals
at the local fair. It was his passion for athleticism and curiosity that took him out of the farm and into the
world of health and strength building. His persistence and curiosity led him to teach World Class Athletes.
But it was his interest in the art of Shiatsu Massage that Geary developed an edge over other strength
trainers. In 1981 Geary studied at the Shiatsu Massage School of Southern California in Santa Monica.
Geary developed a successful massage practice but it was with his athletic training program that Geary saw

the quickest rehabilitation of overworked and stressed muscles. His success was in getting optimal perfor-
mance from athletes, and he was soon sought after.

It was while rehabbing a client who had been injured in a horse-related accident (unauthorized dismount or
should I say dumped) Geary was asked if he had ever massaged a horse. “No, but it would be no different
from doing a person,” he said. That evening Geary had to envision the horse as a person in order to place
the meridian lines. The following Sunday he had her bring a horse to the gym, and he then commenced to
massage his first horse. After the sessions, he realized he had a new direction, massaging horses!
It was 1995, a time when few had ever heard of massaging horses. Eventually, people were seeing wonderful
results with Geary’s massage techniques on their horses. But there was only one Geary and so the idea of a
massage school was born. Geary bought the Walking W. Ranch from Wayne Willis in Atascadero where he
started his first school, and the rest is history.
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Geary Whiting

Geary's 2022 Presentations

Cross Fiber Massage Technique - 24 min. 14 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit