Fotini Chandrika

Fotini Chandrika has been fascinated by Horses as far back as she can remember! She has journeyed in and out of various barns for many years and has spent the past decade as the devoted Steward and Listener of four Horses, Spirit, Malachi, Penny and Isa. These Horses are her teachers and partners in their shared Equine Guided Wellness practice. She is a born empath and has lived in the wonder of sacred communion with the Animal Kingdom and at home in the Natural world since childhood. Fotini is the Founder of Awaken With Horses International, where she is wholeheartedly devoted to the mission of the Horse to lead the way to a better world for all beings. Together with the Herd, Fotini shares a unique modality, Horse Wisdom Yoga® which offers intuitively guided, creative, private sessions, small group retreats and various training opportunities, online and in-person, from Red Barn Wellness Farm in Loretto, Ontario, Canada.  

Fotini strongly believes in the importance of reciprocal wellbeing between both Horse and Human. Through her support programs for Horse Stewards and Equine Guided Professionals, Fotini shares two decades of personal and professional experience in the study of, holistic care for and thriving partnership with Horses and shares this passion with equine enthusiasts from around the world!

Fotini Chandrika

Fotini's 2022 Presentations

Stewardship of The Sacred Horse - 22 min. 53 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

Horses generously give so much, and they have since the dawn of time, carrying Humans through our many stages of evolution. Now more than ever, the true meaning of ‘Horse power’ is being revealed with many Horsemen and Women gaining self-awareness, emotional intelligence and, ultimately, healing, within their partnership with Horse. In honoring the magnificence of these immeasurable gifts, how can we support our Horses through Sacred practices and rituals that help them on their respective path of evolution, wellness and healing? This video demonstrates a healing ritual shared between Fotini Chandrika and one of the Horses in her care, Penny. She shares the medicine of aroma, sound and healing touch, as Penny shares feedback throughout the video of fully receiving, and appreciating, having time and space held for her to heal.

Horse to Heart: The Science and Spirituality of the Horse-Human Connection - 26 min. 12 sec. Day 2 Ourselves; Mindset, Riding, Health

Horses have played a larger role in human civilization than any other animal. Evidence shows that Horses have impacted our lives since as far back as history is documented. Join Fotini Chandrika as she explores the ancient Horse-Human Connection and its evolution. Dive into the science behind why we “feel better” when we go to the Barn and spend time with Horses. Learn the many ways that these incredible creatures help their Humans get straight to the heart of the matter.