Emelie Letskog

My name is Emelie Letskog and I have been around horses my entire life. I teach and give clinics. I call my business EmJoy Horses because I never want to forget to have fun while being around horses and also to enjoy them. If you loose your joy and passion – you’re lost.

I’m born, raised and still live in Askersund, Sweden but travel the world to learn and share great horsemanship.

I really enjoy the basic work with getting the pieces together to create understanding, balance, self carriage and establish a teamwork between horse and human. I start practice this from the ground in a halter/cavesson and lead and/or at liberty but also from the saddle. The goal is to find a healthy and balanced way for the horse to carry the rider and enjoy whatever they want to do!

Emelie Letskog

Emelie’s 2022 Presentations

Main Language to Communicate With Horses - 24 min. 26 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

The Traditional Hackamore - 28 min. 27 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit