Deanna Montero

I’m a lifetime sculptor, equestrian, wife, and mother. Yes, all of those things wrapped in one. And I love it! Life is beautiful and vibrant. My family feeds my excitement to create, share and be more every day. I’ll bet you are more than one thing too… have you ever noticed how your unique person makes the things you do differently from others? Maybe you don’t feel that way about yourself right now or maybe you are better about recognizing other people’s gifts and talents...  Either way, you are here because you want to learn anatomy in sculpture…


So many people tell me “you are so talented, I could never do that”… There’s a myth that those who create art have to be born with "the talent". Sooo many believe art is difficult to create and learn from… that myth has been created by those who are unwilling to take the time to learn the fundamental techniques needed to be successful in fine art. They don’t understand the principles that make the skills of creating art attainable.  I mean attainable for anyone. It’s put off by people who want quick success and end up with poor results. 

Well… like I said that’s a myth...

I’m here to say it’s not about being born with talent. It’s about utilizing the century-old methods laid down by master artists that provide a clear path for success for anyone who wishes to gain the skill. Your life has provided you with an experience that is unique, seen only through your eyes. You deserve the chance to express that. This is what the great masters draw from... Their ability to see the world, not as everyone else sees it but as they see it through carefully studying the beauty of their subjects.

Nelson Goodman, a Harvard Graduate, and philosopher founded a research program called Project Zero in 1967. The research shows that those who utilize the arts may enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in both the arts and cross-disciplinary fields. His program continues to provide valuable research to educators today.

Other research projects have shown that visual art presents a powerful resource for mental and physical wellbeing. fMRI findings have shown that the prefrontal cortex is robustly activated. This is a part of the brain that contributes to a wide variety of executive decisions. Thus providing a clearer path to mold your life to your true desires. Traditional art techniques are fun to apply and enable students to learn and retain information more easily. Over time you gain the building blocks found in the fundamental techniques needed to create and utilize art in a way that serves your ability to do more than creating pretty artwork. The practice of making art allows you to become more balanced in the many facets of life. This is because self-awareness increases with the increase in artistic skill. Studies also show that applied visual arts enhance memory processing through the temporal lobes. This is because enhanced memory processing occurs during the creative process as the brain is required to take stored knowledge and connect it with new information to produce the creative work. But all of this must be done with intention. This is why you may find many “artistic” types of people who do not reap the benefits of applied visual arts.

For centuries, sculpture has been used for forensic science. This is HUGE! and never before has it been applied to equine anatomy! The artist who has taken the time to build a firm foundation of artistic skill has the ability to construct accurate anatomical structures. You can learn to do this too! I mean it! Don’t doubt yourself… you have what it takes to learn the techniques that will improve your way of seeing and identifying those areas in the horse and your own body that help to prevent injury and keep you on a sustained path of success. It’s about utilizing the tools of sculpting that enable you to do more than just be familiar with the anatomical structures. It’s about building, shaping, feeling, and connecting the structures that sustain a healthy body.
I didn't always have the eyesight to sculpt: Sculpting is a skill you learn!…
If you allow me to grant permission in your life and gently whisper: “you really can do this” while everyone else around you is instilling doubt… then I’ll consider my job done and privileged to be that encouraging voice. You can learn this and be the protector of your horse’s long term health.

Deanna Montero

Deanna's 2022 Presentations

Observation of Facial Expressions - 55 min. 56 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

In this presentation, I cover the observations we can make in the facial expression of different horses under different emotional circumstances and how that manifests itself in the rest of the horse's body. With several photographed examples I compare and contrast horses in a relaxed frame of mind versus horse's who are experiencing excitement or discomfort. 

The Equine Skull and It's Variations - 43 min. 22 sec. Day 2 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

In this presentation, I cover palpable bony landmarks throughout the horse's skull and how we can use those to measure for shaping an anatomically accurate head out of clay. I also discuss the skeletal variations we can see in the living horse and share several photographed examples. 

The Use of Hand Pressure While Forming Natural Shapes - 27 min. 49 sec. Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

In this presentation, I cover the use of hand pressure and how we can fine tune the use of pressure when forming natural shapes out of clay. As I incorporate Jim Masterson's