Celina Skogan

Already at young age, my deepest interest was always seeking true connection with these incredible beings. Therefore, I studied on different levels. I early in my life got in contact with “difficult” horses, what made me curious. How could it be that horses were difficult? And why did they act so differently depending on who handelnd them? I learned about horse behavior, how horses learn and conceive things and how communication in between species is possible in a respectful way. 

Getting more curious, I began studying Academic Art of Riding with Bent Branderup. During this journey, I learned how to use Dressage for the horse and not pressing the horse into a system. Since 2013, I am a licensed trainer for Academic Art of Riding.

Today I know that truly teaching a horse as your partner means empowerment of the horse, strengthening both, body and mind. I discovered what many master understood before me - that the art is in the small details, that small movements are making the difference and allow the horse to regain moveability and strength. Each horse should be empowered to use its own body well, and to be mentally ready for it.

I understood also that the biggest development the human mindset has to take. For helping my students better to develop and to overcome their own borders, I studied coaching. It is amazing what we can reach when our mind and heart is open. 

Still, I sometimes met horses with extreme restrictions in their posture and body. Often, it took month or years to overcome the limitations. I was curious how bodywork could help to release these restrictions and add the training process. Therefore, I studied osteopathy, cranio sacral therapy and Akupressur. 

Today, my journey continues with learning more about bodywork for humans. My latest project is studying Cranio sacral work for people. The more I know, the more I find to discover. It’s an amazing journey I like to share with you.

In my system, I offer you a structure to suppleness. I love sharing knowledge and following you and your horse on your journey together. Next to private lessons, I publish in my blog www.equidemia.com and in several magazines about classical dressage. Since 2020, I am editor in chief for a compendium about academic art of riding, published billingual in german and english. Lately, I enlarge my work to online congresses and work on an online course that will be available next summer.

How to study with me: 

I offer classes online and offline. You are welcome to invite me to your place, or to visit us beyond the artic circle in this spectacular surroundings called nature. German born, I live with my family in Northern Norway, where northern lights dance at night in winter and the midnight sun kisses the earth in summer. While I am busy running a competence center up north, my horses are enjoying the life in the Norwegian mountains.

Celina Skogan

Celina’s 2022 Presentations

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