April Love

Founder of Holistic Horseworks, LLC and Horse Healers Academy, April Love (formerly April Battles) has spent decades immersed in the study of the horse. ‘I needed to know how a horse moves, it’s health, the behaviors & challenges that present when there is pain or discomfort from misalignment and learn the way to support these amazing animals.’

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding program. 

This coursework is a Global movement that I am passionate about. With 10 certified instructors that teach in 4 different languages.

What makes these courses different?

I want to empower every horse lover to discover the root cause for issues a horse is presenting, then trace that back through the body until they solve the cause.’  Implementing April’s bodywork program solves the cause and prevents band aiding the symptoms. Easy to understand educational content uses soft touch and release for what the horse needs. By empowering the owners, this bodywork program could save thousands of $$, time, frustrations, and pain.

NO age limits for this program-I have students from 12 to 72 years young

Best part is you can learn right from home with live support along the way. 

‘The worst thing you can do is not try.’

April Love

April’s 2022 Presentations

Holistic Horse Works Level 2 Master Training 25 minute Special

This is part of our Level 2 Home study Program - Day 1 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

This intoductory video clip, from Holistic Horseworks LLC, takes the Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding IICT certified program to the next level as we go deeper to release tension in the Fascia not allowing the organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints to load or move correctly.

This is what is creating your mysterious lameness. Why are the hooves not under the shoulder or hip as they should be? Did you know that this creates premature arthritic conditions like sidebone, ringbone, kissing spine, arthritic knees and hocks?

Then what else is next? A lot! We use advanced Applied Kinesiology to ask where there is pain in the body and what the body needs to release the energetic blocks so it can heal. The area that is painful and lame is not where it usually starts though so we back track it thru the body to find the cause as well. What does the horse need to heal? For how many days? And then what? Also we look at the energy meridians and how that affects the horse and what you can do about it.

This knowledge will help the Practitioner excel at finding the problem areas in competition and equine athletes to help keep them sound and performing at their peak for many years to come .

Holistic Horseworks presents Horses are talking 25 minutes sneak peek - Day 2 Horse; Mind, Body Spirit

DVD The horses are talking are you listening?

The majority of training and behavioral issues are caused by pain issues in the horses body that are easily corrected. These pain issues result in a horse that is unwilling to switch leads, girthy or is a cold backed horse, unable to engage its hind end well. These issues lead to high/low syndrome in hooves, roach back and hunter bump calcifications as well as arthritic hocks and side-bone. You can fix this! April Love founder of Holistic Horseworks LLC shows you how to work on your horse yourself using easy Osteopathic, Myofascial Muscular and Skeletal releases, as well as some Acupressure releases. Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding developed by April Love is now an IICT approved modality you can be certified in.