Andrea Wady

Pure Liberty with Andrea Wady

The definition of liberty: Freedom from physical and mental restraint, the power of choice. 

Connection blossoms from a mutual friendship bond not through control and coercion. Explore the concepts of bonding with horses using passive and assertive leadership to achieve the partnership of your dreams. Get ready to slow down to the speed of the horse, put down your tools and lower your bar of expectation. Get ready for an unbreakable bond with your horse at liberty.

Andrea has been on a journey with horses for the last 45 years. From a junior show jumper who wanted to win at all costs, to a lost and confused trainer driven by dominance and the need to succeed. 

Moving to Costa Rica from the UK 16 years ago, Andrea’s journey took a turn down a path to find a way to connect with horses without coercion or make. For well over a decade she studied with some of the world’s leading liberty trainers in her quest for a true connection. This journey ultimately led to the birth of Pure Liberty and the filming of Taming Wild Pura Vida, a movie that is out this September.

Crossing the country of Costa Rica with fellow liberty trainer Elsa Sinclair (the creator of the Taming Wild movie series) they explored bonding with two very damaged rescue horses through movement and a liberty mindset (movie is out this September).

Andrea Wady

Andrea’s 2022 Presentations

Create Friendship with Your Horse - A New Kind of Liberty Work. 22 min. 38 sec. Day 2 Horsemanship

Learn how to truly understand your horse and how to safely start to explore taking turns in leadership with your horse.