West Taylor

West Taylor first started his horse training journey at the age of 40. Unlike a lot of  others in the industry West was not “raised upwith horses. West had a successful career in the IT (information and technology) business for many years. 
Then during the unsettling financial times of 2008 West lost everything in his life, his once successful business, his home, and all the extra toys that go with that type of lifestyle. Finding himself without a business, without any income, and without anywhere to live he decided to make some BIG changes. West moved his family to his grandfathers small and old ranch house in Fremont Utah where he began to rediscover himself. After the searing burn of loosing everything West vowed to “do life differently” this time. First thing he did was adopt two BLM mustangs and decided he wanted his new life to have something to do with horses. That was over 10 years ago. West is now known in the horse industry as “that Mustang guy” who uses science to train his horses! 
 West first learned of Dr. Peters from reading his book Evidence Based Horsemanship. From that first simple reading West knew there was more to understood about the equine brain functionality, and not being much of a book scholar or book learner West set out to find and learn as much as he could from Dr. Peters himself about how the equine brain really functions. Well that was almost 6 yrs ago and now West is one of the leading scientific researchers on understanding the neurochemistry of the horse.  

West has been married to his high school sweetheart Kami for 33 yrs, they have 4 children, 8 grand children, 9 mustangs, 3 dogs, 1 barn cat and a donkey named Sven.

West Taylor

West's 2021 Presentations

Using Science With A Difficult Trailer Loading Horse - Day 1

 In this video you see West working with a client who is experiencing trailer loading difficulties with his horse. As you will observe West has a very FUN and informative way of presenting his knowledge of the neurochemistry of the horses autonomic nervous system and the neurochemicals that are required for learning. 
The Equine Brain Under Stress - Day 2
 In this video you see West presenting a portion of his full day Equine Science Seminar discussion on how the equine brain functions under stress and learning moments. West offers full day and multi day seminars/clinics to teach and demonstrate the effective use of Science Based Horsemanship. 
Preparing Your Horse for the First Ride. - Day 1
 In this video you will see West effectively applying Science Based Horsemanship to prepare a young Mustang for the first ride. You will see and hear West explaining how the neurochemistry of the horses autonomic nervous system affects the mustangs ability to learn and relax while under the pressure of a training session. 
Science 101 part 1 and 2 - Day 1&2
In this two part series you see West working with Jackson to explain just exactly how Science Based Horsemanship works. Don't just take Wests word for it….Go ask your horse!