Suzy Deurinck

Suzy isn’t a regular horse woman and didn’t grew up riding horses. It was only at a later age that she was introduced to them. This is uncommon in the horse world, but gives her a different look at the way things are done. She is a trailblazer in the field of choice and control for horses in training. She works with positive reinforcement and targets, and tries to stay away from aversives when possible. After all, emotional welfare is at least as important as physical welfare.

Her background as an animal scientist makes her curious and critical at the same time. For Suzy, all training should be welfare centred and enjoyable for both human and horse.

Suzy Deurinck

Suzy's 2021 Presentations

The Power of Positive Reinforcement Training - Day 1

Working with food has some negative associations to it, for some horse people. However, what does it look like when you ask a professional? It’s not just about handing your horse some candy! No, it’s a friendly and relaxed process where you can learn about your own mindset, and about the right preparation. In this demonstration, you will learn about the first important steps to take when considering/starting with positive reinforcement.


The Power of Positive Reinforcement Training Part Two - Day 2

In this demonstration, you’ll see a short recap of the first session. Next to that, you’ll see how to handle some frustration in training, how to fade out the protected contact, and how to build duration.