Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzalez

Coming from a family where the Horse has a prominent place, Jeremy followed the way of his father, passionate for dressage and liberty work. He was given the same fascination and a precious knowledge of horses. 

Selyne has always been in love with horses, as far as her memory goes. When she was a child, she was galloping in the fields with her unrestrained ponies. She was spending hours looking at them, sitting next to them, trying to understand them and to establish a strong relationship with each pony. Jeremy laughs at it: “Since ever, Selyne spends so much time to observe horses that she can really think like a horse with an extraordinary sensitivity”

They were very young when they met and were immediately brought together by their unconditional love for horses. They learn together, work together, anytime and anywhere. “Jeremy has such a relationship with horses that I enjoy to simply look at him. He gives a lot to the horses and the horses give him back.”

For Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzalez, if complicity and relationship with horses are important, precision and accuracy of gesture are also essential, building their solid reputation with professionals as much as with amateurs.

All horses follow a methodical training of gym and suppleness, and then, S&J put their trust in them for the performance: “horses are generous and attentive. They are able to give all and even beyond their own limits to make us happy, if we make them want to. They are stars ready to shine.

Sélyne & Jérémy Gonzalez

Sélyne & Jérémy’s 2021 Presentations

Presentation of our golden mares - Day 1

evolution of young mares in liberty. 6 young lusitano mares were bought totally wild and step step by step we built a strong relationship in liberty.


Koniak and Labor - Day 2

our 2 famous and iconic horses. They gave us so much. Here you can discover a little bit more about these 2 lusitano and Spanish incredible horses that work without bridle always giving all they can.