Russ Krachun

Russ Krachun was raised in Odessa, Ukraine, where his true passion and desire of horses began as a child. It was here that he experienced his first smell of the horse and riding bareback at his Uncle Colin’s farm.   His uncle shared stories of his ancestors the Cossacks and how they rode their horses in battle with their swords.  These stories influenced Russ to become an athlete and became a professional sabre fencer for nine years.  Russ was educated by sport coaches to develop his athletic abilities and was awarded for his dedication as the reserve junior champion of the whole of Ukraine. Many life lessons and skills were also learned during these influential years.

As an adult Russ never forgot his first love of the horse and later followed his dream to study about horsemanship and became a true horseman.  He transferred his sport philosophy and methodology from the lessons and skills learned from being an athlete to understanding of the horse biomechanics into his equine education. His teachings make perfect sense to both horse and human, and help to bring a mutual understanding through cooperation, confidence, respect and trust.

Russ philosophy and methodology has built him recognition throughout his clinics, seminars, lessons and his on-line True Grit Academy. The welfare of the horse is evident throughout every aspect of his horsemanship. The Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship program is truly an education, and is what many say is the missing link of developing ultimate communication and understanding with our horses.

Russ Krachun

Russ's 2021 Presentations


Russ Krachun shares his philosophy and unconventional methodology in how to develop balance and improve the coordination between the horse and the human. These methods and exercises also assist the rider to become better coordinated, balanced, and become more consistent with their cues, resulting in improved physical abilities and improved riding abilities.


Bridle Work Methodology prepares the horse both physically and mentally and allows the horse to learn how to effectively use the poll, neck, shoulders, rib cage and hindquarters. Each step by step method helps to build the horses understanding and also contributes to the development of muscle memory through the use of proper timing, repetition and relaxation.  The result is a responsive educated horse, responding soft and supple when rein cues and aids are used.


Russ Krachun shares his unconventional philosophy and methodology to develop confidence and trust within the horse’s mind in order for the horse to control his emotions in any environment, in various situations and during various anxieties. Russ explains the importance of understanding your horse’s mental abilities, not just his physical abilities and shares his methodology that includes the use of proper timing and repetition along with periods of relaxation. A confident and trusting mind is essential in order for the horse to perform to the best of his ability and also in our day to day involvement with our horses.


Methodologies that develop muscle memory, and prepare a young horse both mentally and physically to perform basic maneuvers, with willingness and confidence under saddle.   


Benefits of Round Pen Riding Methodology: -

-Improves both horse and riders confidence while traveling at walk, trot and lope.

-Improves physical abilities by developing balance and coordination.

- Aids in the development, understanding and communication between the horse and the rider under saddle.

- Prepares the horse and the rider with confidence and knowledge to safely ride in larger open areas and lead to performance education under saddle.