Melissa Deal

“Inspiring women to enjoy their horses through compassionate training!”

Compassionate Horse Click Online Course and Community Founder

Certified ARIA Riding Instructor for over 20 years (Dressage, Hunt Seat, Western)

Positive Reinforcement Coach, Approved CT Instructor

Positive Reinforcement Master Course Graduate

USDF Bronze Medalist Dressage

My passion is to create horse and human happiness through kind and effective reward based behavior modification/training and relationship building. Areas of experience and special interest include:

  • rehabilitating horses and women who have suffered harsh training techniques in the past,
  • teaching women how to understand what their horse is communicating through its behavior and how to respond in a way the horse values to illicit desired responses
  • reward based training under saddle (I especially love Dressage and obstacles!)
  • tricks, liberty and solution based learning and problem solving for all disciplines
  • teaching women to create ease and joy in their everyday activities, training, performances and relationships with their horses.

I founded Compassionate Horse Click Online Course and Community and my lesson program so women can experience: step by step effective training methods that resonate with the hearts and minds of all of those involved with consideration, education and the kindest of support for the ladies holding the lead lines and the reins. It’s a simple and easy to follow program built on reward based training premises that feeds my dreams of spreading compassionate training around the globe. My lessons and online program instill the skills of observation, resilience in the face of challenges, are solution oriented and horse and human friendly. It’s my mission to instill confidence and competence building for people who want to learn to train their own horses without coercion or punishment. From the smallest husbandry behavior to under saddle performances, I am so fortunate to be able to offer a safe space for those who want POSITIVELY enjoy life with happy healthy horses!

Most of all, I care about you and your horse loving your life together! If you want to experience effective heartfelt horse training, and compassionately communicate and foster affectionate relationships with your horses, plus so much more – you can do so at your own pace and your own place. Join me for One-on-One online Coaching and/or immerse yourself in the Compassionate Horse Click Online Course and Community to enjoy your horse like never before!

Melissa Deal

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