Lara Sportelli

Lara Sportelli has a big love and passion for horses, nature and the countryside.

Lara is a Vet Trained Hoof Care Specialist, based at B Rock Ranch, at the gateway to Dartmoor, Devon, where she runs Holistic Hoof Care Courses, guiding, supporting and helping people to maintain their horses hooves in between professional trims and offers a trimming and boot fitting service. 

Holistic Horses Hoof Care Courses are also available if you would like to host a clinic for a group, one to one on the Ranch or at your own home and live online. 

Lara studied Trimming at Homeopathic and Western Medicine Vet Stefano Sabionis School of Trimming and Natural Horse Keep, Bio Mechanics and Natural Horse Care, including Laminitis, Diet, Hoof Pathologies, Rehab and Track Systems.

Laras online hoof care courses will be available soon.

Lara has three horses of her own, Cherry a three year old Appaloosa, Dreamer a fourteen year old Arab and Toots a twenty year old Dartmoor pony, none of her horses have ever had shoes on.

All her life Lara has pursued horses and courses that could be of benefit to the horse and as a young girl, after seeing her ponies feet transform when the shoes were removed, she became fascinated in hoof care. 

Lara says "watching my horses feet transform was like magic".

Lara has been trimming since 2006 and believes the whole horse approach is key to maintaining healthy barefoot hooves.

Lara's other study includes Human Massage, Physiology and Anatomy at college, so that she could go on to train in Therapeutic Equine Massage, Physiology and Anatomy, Aromatherapy, T.Touch for horses, Saddle Fit, Equine Veterinary Thermography, Masterson Method Workshop, Trail Ride Guide, Livery Yard Management and Equine Specialist for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Lara has also trained in both Holistic and Shamanic Healing.

Over the years one course has naturally led to another and Lara says "who knows what horses will teach me next".

Because of the horse I never stop learning.

Lara Sportelli

Lara's 2021 Presentations

Hoof Boot Fitting How To - Day 2

This video shows fitting Dreamer with hoof boots, how to and useful tips. Remember hooves may require different size boots on each hoof.

Pre Trim Assessment, and trim - Day 1

Lily is a beautiful 29 year old mare. This video shows a pre-trim assessment, explains a little about Lily, her hooves and shows part of her trim, with some useful tips.