Katie Boniface

Equestrian movement began as a way to help horses and their riders achieve maximum development through sustainable training techniques. Our mission is to strengthen the bond between riders and their horses by working holistically with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of development. 

Meet your coach

Hi! My name is Katie. I have been a horse rider for 25 years and a riding instructor for 12 finding my passion as a teacher in a riding school environment. From childhood through to my early 20’s I competed successfully at shows, dressage, show jumping and eventing at state level. Having gotten my trophy and ribbon riding out of me when I was young riding became a spiritual practice for me, developing my connection to myself and others on a deeper level. What occurred to me is that you can't have a meaningful relationship with someone that doesn't want to be with you so I set about looking for ways to get my horse to enjoy being around me.

At the same time I was also working with a couple of horses with soundness issues. Having being told that a horse would work soundly if you work it correctly I dug into the physiology of horse movement and how we as riders and trainers can best work our horses not only for soundness but also for suppleness, maximum range of movement and dare I say to look like they actually enjoyed being ridden!!

And so triggered a profound reassessment of everything I had ever learnt to date about what it meant to be a horse rider, how I was riding and what my goal was from my training. I discovered the importance of the horse's mental, emotional and physical health to not only its performance and success but also to its willingness as a participant in our partnership. And I learnt what it meant to have a true connection with the horse and an open 2 way conversation.

It is my goal and mission in life to share these values with as many horse riders as I can so we can start to see our beautiful horses as equals, partners and part of our own life's journey to better understand ourselves through better understanding others.

Katie Boniface

Katie's 2021 Presentations

Tailoring your training session to your horse individual personality - Day 1

Horse training isn't a one size fits all approach. There are many factors that affect how well your horse responds to your training method. The way that you handle an arab is different to a draft horse, different to an off the track thoroughbred and different to a percheron. Within the different breeds our horses also have their on level of sensitivity and how they deal with stress. In this training we discuss how to pick what your horse looks like when emotionally balanced and what area to focus on to get a stronger relationship and deal with difficult behaviours.

Securely attached horses - Day 1

Name: Building calm, confident, trusting horses

Description: How confident your horse is when you're working with them has a lot to do with how safe they feel in their environment, their herd, their relationship with you and their handler/trainers and how secure they are within themselves. In this training we break down ways to figure out how safe and secure your horses feels and how we can build our horses feelings of safety and security to build calm, confident horses that trust what we ask of them.

Emotional motivators - Day 2

Name: Teach your horse to enjoy learning. 

Whether you're using positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement the key to your success is how your horse feels. Structuring our training session so that our horse enjoys work and learning keeps them enthusiastic and willing and keeps them from going sour. How you release the pressure of expectation and mark and reward effort is how we influence the release of happy hormones that build positive work ethic. Even if you are using positive reinforcement the withholding of the reward and your horse trying to find the right answer is a form of pressure that can lead to frustration, anger and aggression. Check out this training where we dig into how to set up our training session in a way that fires our horses happy hormones and keep them eager and engaged in learning.

Boundaries with heart. - Day 2

Name: Are you your horses leader?

Part of showing up as a good leader is being someone your horse wants to follow. The other part is setting clear expectations and following through on asks. Riding the fine line between connection and boundaries can be hard and totally dependent on your horses previous experiences and unique personality. In this training we show you how we ride that line of keeping our horses connected and wanting to be with us and follow us whilst not pushing us around or bullying.