Kathrin Roida

Kathrin Roida runs her own training stable in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. She trains horses of all breeds and gives courses on work in hand throughout Europe, which are very popular. She herself is very versatile and manages to "build" a bridge to the equestrian sport, so she was and is successful in both jumping and dressage competitions up to advanced level.

"Maintaining health, training down to the most difficult lessons and keeping the shine in the eyes of the horses are my main concerns in the varied horse training."

Kathrin Roida has trained with a number of riding and training luminaries, inluding Anja Beran, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Jean Claude Dysli, Marc de Broissia and Johann Riegler. She has a wealth of experience in breaking in and training horses up to high school, whereby the maintenance of the horse's health has top priority. She has written a book, which is translated in english and netherlands, and produced one dvd with wehorse.

Kathrin Roida

Kathrin's 2021 Presentations

Dressage training in hand: How to build up a secure framework for your horse - Day 1

Regardless of whether you are a recreational rider or an ambitious competitor. How do I start with work in hand? What should I put attention on? How do I position myself? How is the right assistance?

Development of basic work as a secure framework for every breed. 

Dressage training in hand: Advanced exercises to back up balance and lightness - Day 2

Stepping over at the trot, as a key for piaffe and passage. Correct assistance while trotting.

Trotting - dynamic, gymnastics, promoting agility. How do I shape a well-trained body? 

Advanced exercises as preparation for piaffe work.

If your horse is in balance and straight – the horse wants to please you -

Through gymnastic handwork to a strong body and mind.  Work in hand even without a bridle only on the neck ring as a result of the training.

Developing of the piaffe - Day 2

e show many different horses, from youngster till experienced horse and their different interpretations oft he piaffe. The most important thing – the horse must be straight in its body. How to remain Engergy and enthusiasm within the most difficult exercises.