Jeremy Watt

Jeremy was nineteen when he met his wife Tamara, a barrel racer. Little did he know at the time that along with his love for Tamara would come a love for horses! He was born and raised in the city, excelling at sports and leadership activities but never even thinking about horses or horsemanship. Shortly after their marriage, she presented him with a small red halter for his birthday, along with a 6-month old filly to put it on. While he wanted to tell her to take it back, common sense prevailed and he decided not to cause family friction at that point! After a little time with the filly, it was too late. He was hooked.

As Jeremy’s love of horses grew, he met and developed friendships with some of America’s leading horsemen. From them, he learned the basics of THE 5 EXERCISES, which he has developed to become the foundation of his work in teaching horsemanship to others. He studied under John Hepworth and incorporated his skills into his teaching. He also had a chance to work with Shawn Flarida, the most successful reining horse trainer ever, who helped him refine his skills and develop body control. All of this learning is now part of Jeremy’s teaching.

As Jeremy continued learning and advancing the art of horsemanship, it became clear to him that too much of the industry’s knowledge was being captured and sold in the form of videos and books, rather than shared as a way to advance the art of true horsemanship. He has thus made it a policy to make his videos available online and then publish his instructional materials for a reasonable cost to cover expenses.

Jeremy, Tamara, and their daughter Brooklynn live in Utah.

Jeremy Watt

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